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Dr. Cristina Santamaría Graff talks about her innovative Family as Faculty program

Listen to the Compact Nation Podcast Season 4, Episode 16, where our very own Dr. Santamaría Graff and J.R. Jamison discuss Faculty as Family at IUPUI which involves families as key participants in teacher education programs, informing the curriculum and impacting the way future teachers engage with families in the classroom to better serve children’s needs.

Community Engagement Professionals as Inquiring Practitioners for Organizational Learning

H. Anne Weiss, Director of Assessment, Indiana Campus Compact and Kristin E. Norris, Director of Assessment, IUPUI Learn how we track, monitor, assess, and evaluate campus-community engagement. Abstract This essay examines the inquiry activities that community engagement professionals (CEPs) can utilize to support organizational learning. We advocate for an inquiry approach that focuses on improvement and informing community-engaged practices and organizational change. By unpacking why inquiry is imperative for CEPs and outlining the tensions that may arise, we introduce three concepts: inquiry consists of different yet connected activities including, but not limited to, assessing student learning; CEPs are key knowledge…