New resource on critical service-learning from the JCEHE and Indiana Campus Compact

May 14, 2020

Introducing a new and exciting resource for our field.

In partnership with the Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, Indiana Campus Compact is excited to unveil a special edition of the journal on “Critical Service Learning” that was guest edited by Dr. Tania Mitchell from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with assistance from Indiana Campus Compact’s former senior faculty fellow, Mark Latta, from Marian University.

The special edition can be found here:  

This body of work has been two years in the making and grew out of a conversation between the Journal’s editor, Dr. Cat Paterson, and Indiana Campus Compact staff members, J.R. Jamison and Laura Weaver. Their curiosities were driven by the 10-year anniversary of Dr. Mitchell’s seminal article, Traditional vs. Critical Service-Learning: Engaging the Literature to Differentiate Two Models (2008, found in the MJCSL), which effectively defined critical service-learning and prompted significant shifts in the field towards greater intentionally and authenticity. But the team still wondered what the implications were for future practice (or in other words, where and how does the field need to grow to be more critical). 

Lucky for all of us in the field, Dr. Mitchell was 100% on board and the hard work began.

Scholars and peer-reviewers from across the country contributed to this edition. We want to give a special shout out to our Campus Compact Vice President for Network Leadership, Dr. Marisol Morales, who served on the review team, and to Laura Weaver who carried this dream across the finish line and coordinated all aspects of this edition in tandem with Dr. Mitchell, Mark Latta, and Dr. Paterson.

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