In 1993, two groups of people started talking about connections. A group of college students discussed the connection between their academic life and their volunteer work. At the same time, another group was forming. Six university and college presidents came together to talk about what one founding board member, University of Notre Dame former President Edward A. Malloy, called “a collective sense that higher education needed to focus more directly on making a difference in our communities and neighborhoods.”  ICC 20th Anniversary Timeline

The two groups connected with each other and pooled their ideas, passion, and commitment to create Indiana Campus Compact in 1993. 

Telling our story in the Indiana Campus Compact 20th Anniversary Video (created by Indiana Campus Compact alum, Chris Thornberry, Greensky Media).

Interviews with the founders of Indiana Campus Compact  for our 15th Anniversary (created by Ethan Ax, Sherman and Company)

Indiana Campus Compact is the only organization in the state that works with public, independent, and two-year institutions of higher education. The Compact is made up of colleges and universities dedicated to engaged teaching and learning, the kind of learning that stays with students as they transition into life after college.

ICC 20th Anniversary Timeline