Indiana Campus Compact Award Nomination Forms

2022 Nominations open January 20, 2021, and are due May 16, 2021.

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The Student Community Action Awards honor undergraduate students at multiple Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who are new to community engagement and have shown, by action and leadership, their passion and ability to be a positive force in their communities.

2022 Student Community Action Leaders Award


The Wood Student Community Commitment Award was created in 1996 in honor of Dr. Richard J. Wood who served as the founding chairperson of Indiana Campus Compact’s Board of Presidents from 1992 to 1996. This award continues Dr. Wood’s legacy as an advocate of students as stewards to the community, and recognize students at Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community engagement.



Past Richard J. Wood Award Winners

  • 1997 Colleen Frazier, Indiana University East
  • 1997 Fatima Hyder, Earlham College
  • 1998 Juanna Watson, IUPUI
  • 1999 Anegla Anderson, University of Notre Dame
  • 1998 DJ Johnson, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2000 Tammy Parker, Goshen College
  • 2000 Denise Smith, IUPUI
  • 2001 Nicole Hallett, DePauw University
  • 2002 Paul Graham, University of Notre Dame
  • 2003 Mary E. Murphy, University of Notre Dame
  • 2004 Nicholas Dimos, DePauw University
  • 2005 Huong Nguyen, Manchester College
  • 2006 Steven Cartwright, University of Notre Dame
  • 2007 Andrea Laidman, University of Notre Dame
  • 2008 Tim Polakowski, Manchester College
  • 2009 Matthew Morrow, IUPUI
  • 2010 Lexie Perreras, University of Notre Dame
  • 2011 Caitlin Ryan, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2012 Erin Wright,University of Notre Dame
  • 2013 Jon Schommer, University of Notre Dame
  • 2014 Peter Woo, University of Notre Dame
  • 2015 Trinere Bacon, Indiana State University
  • 2016 Cogan Blackmon, Valparaiso University
  • 2017 Alexis Doyle, University of Notre Dame
  • 2018 Steven Jessen Howard, University of Notre Dame
  • 2019 Delaney Weiland, University of Notre Dame
  • 2020 Eric Mejia, IU East


The Indiana Campus Compact Emerging Leaders in Community Engagement award honors faculty and graduate teaching assistants from multiple Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who are in the first seven years of their career who demonstrate leadership and innovation in advancing and shaping community engagement across the field. The award is designed to recognize emerging engaged scholarship work, rather than long-established projects.

2022 Emerging Leaders in Community Engagement Award


The Brian Douglas Hiltunen Faculty Award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Scholarship of Engagement honors mid to late career faculty at Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who exemplify what it means to be an engaged scholar. Brian Hiltunen served Indiana Campus Compact for four years as a project director and helped to design our faculty development programs, prior to his death in 1999. The Hiltunen Award was established in 2000 to honor Brian’s legacy and his work with faculty who are practicing the scholarship of engagement.


Past Hiltunen Award winners:

  • 2020 Kraig Beyerlein, University of Notre Dame
  • 2019 Cristina Santamaría Graff, IUPUI
  • 2018 Tina Kruger,  Indiana State University
  • 2017 Priscilla Barnes, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2016 Elizabeth Bennion, Indiana University South Bend
  • 2015 Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Purdue University North Central
  • 2014 Terri Russ, Saint Mary’s College
  • 2013 Beth Gazley, Indiana University
  • 2012 William Oakes, Purdue University-West Lafayette
  • 2011 Michael Guebert, Taylor University
  • 2010 Susan Hyatt, IUPUI
  • 2009 Judith Gray, Ball State University
  • 2008 Ange Cooksey, Indiana University East
  • 2007 Margaret Brabant, Butler University
  • 2006 Kim Wilson, Purdue University-West Lafayette
  • 2005 Linda Maule, Indiana State University
  • 2004 Chin-Sook Pak, Ball State University
  • 2003 Julie Hatcher, IUPUI
  • 2002 Susan Blackwell, Marian College
  • 2001 Roger Jarjoura, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • 2000 Robert Bringle, IUPUI
    2000 Cathy Ludlum Foos, IU East
  • 2000 Randall Osborne, IU East
  • 2000 Sharon Hammerich, Butler University
  • 2000 Richard Balkema,Valparaiso University


This award was created in 2006 to honor professional staff at Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who demonstrate an ability to effectively cultivate, facilitate, and maintain high-quality partnerships with community organizations and representatives. This award recognizes Community Engagement Professionals’ knowledge and ability to conceptually, ethically, and effectively represent the foundations of the field and the breadth of community-engaged work.

Download 2022 CEP AWARD nomination packet

Past winners

  • 2020 Delaina Boyd, Ball State University
  • 2019 no winner
  • 2018 Melissa Gruver, Purdue University
  • 2017 Heather Miklozek, Indiana State University
  • 2016 Marianna Foulkrod, University of Indianapolis
  • 2015 Mary Rayburn, Taylor University
  • 2014 Stephanie Moran, Anderson University
  • 2013 Annie Cahill Kelly, University of Notre Dame
  • 2012 Laura Weaver, Purdue University North Central
  • 2011 Andrew Antonio, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana-Lafayette
  • 2010 Mike Piggott, Purdue University West Lafayette
  • 2009 Roger Bingham, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana-Columbus
  • 2008 Judy Back, Purdue University North Central
  • 2007 Nancy Rogers, Indiana State University
  • 2006 Carolyne Call, Saint Mary’s College


Indiana Campus Compact recognizes the incredible dedication and work that our partner institutions’ community partners put into co-educating their students. We recognize that whether we talk about community service, service-learning, community-based research, or any other form of community engagement, institutions are not doing the work alone. It is only accomplished through strong partnerships with community organizations. We believe that each one of these generous agencies deserves recognition at our annual Award Ceremony and there is more to be gained by bringing them all together to celebrate than to choose one over another. All nominees are winners in our book and will be recognized at the Summit.


Past winners

  • 2020 The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI), nominated by University of Indianapolis
  • 2020 Haughville Strong Neighborhood Association, nominated by IUPUI
  • 2020 Parkwood Elementary School, nominated by IU East
  • 2019 Family Services Association of Howard County, nominated by IU Kokomo
  • 2018 Food Bank of Northern Indiana, nominated by Ivy Tech Community College – South Bend
  • 2017 Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation, nominated by IUPUI
  • 2016 Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, IUPUI
  • 2015 United Way of the Wabash Valley, nominated by Indiana State University
  • 2014 Hawthorne Social Service Agency, nominated by IUPUI
  • 2013 La Casa de Amistad, nominated by University of Notre Dame
  • 2012 Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, nominated by Ball State University
  • 2011 Marion County Soil and Water District, nominated by IUPUI
  • 2010 Spectrum Services, nominated by Indiana State University
  • 2009 Warren Primary Center, nominated by Saint Mary’s College


  • Engaged Campus of the Year award will now be a triennial award. The next round of nominations for the Engaged Campus of the Year award will be available January 20, 2022 and due May 16, 2022.

This award recognizes Indiana institutions of higher education for exemplary commitment to advancing the civic purposes of higher education.

These institutions demonstrate their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility. Service engagement is part of their campus culture and their faculty, staff, and students are connected to their community in meaningful, lasting ways. These institutions support the work of faculty and staff who are helping students become well-informed, engaged and productive members of society, who are fully enabled to provide leadership and service that advances the public good in their communities.

Past Winners

  • 2019 Ball State University, President Geoffrey Mearns
  • 2018 IUPUI, Chancellor Nasser Paydar
  • 2017 University of Notre Dame, President Father John Jenkins
  • 2016 Indiana State University, President Daniel Bradley

After feedback from stakeholders, Indiana Campus Compact decided that some changes to our annual Service Engagement Awards were in order. Besides the new timeline, look for the following changes.


    • Nomination packets are now only two pages long
    • Nominators are now able to provide all supporting documents including summaries of nominees’ qualifications, with no essays from the nominees necessary for faculty, staff, and community partner awards
    • Nominators for the student award are also able to provide most information, but we will require a short, 500-word community-commitment statement from the student
    • No videos!

    • The Community Service Director Award will now be named the Community Engagement Professional Award
    • The Outstanding Community Partner Award will be a non-competitive award and we encourage all campuses to put forth their own award-winning community partners
    • Students applying for the Wood Award are now required to have a least one year of college left at the time the award is given (spring) to allow them to serve in a leadership position with Indiana Campus Compact.




Nomination packet available March 28, 2019 Nomination packet available January 16, 2020
Nominations form and supporting documents due May 15, 2019 Nomination form and supporting documents due May 15, 2020
Winners and nominees recognized at 2020 Summit Winners and nominees recognized at 2021 Summit

POST 2021

  • Student, Staff, Faculty, and Community Partner awards will continue as an annual program with nomination packets available in January and due in May.
  • Engaged Campus of the Year award will now be a triennial award.
  • The next round of nominations for the Engaged Campus of the Year award will be available January 20, 2022 and due May 16, 2022.