Dr. Susan Crisafulli, Franklin College, chosen to be Faculty Fellow

September 28, 2020

Franklin College Faculty Member
Becomes Part of Community Engagement Cohort Partnering with Johnson County Poverty-Focused Nonprofits

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Dr. Susan Crisafulli, Professor of English at Franklin College, was awarded a Faculty Fellowship from Indiana Campus Compact, a partnership of higher education intuitions that prepares college students to advance the public good. The Fellowship includes funding to support high-impact teaching, research, and engagement practices. As part of the cohort, Dr. Crissafulli will work on a collaborative research project with other Faculty Fellows from across the state, and an individual project in the form of a communications consulting course in which senior English and creative writing majors will consult with local nonprofit organizations to understand their needs and create high-quality, professional communications materials to help the organizations pursue their mission. The students in Dr. Crisafulli’s Communications Consulting course will be working with Johnson County nonprofits Michelle’s Little Free Pantry and Bridges Alliance of Johnson County. 

Franklin College is adding $1,500 in matching funds to the $3,800 Faculty Fellows grant from Indiana Campus Compact which highlights their commitment to community engagement and to prepare students to advance the common good.

The students in Dr. Crisafulli’s Communications Consulting course will be working with Johnson County nonprofits Michelle’s Little Free Pantry, a local food pantry and community garden that seeks to “provide the community with a way to alleviate food insecurity and assist those in need in a nonjudgmental, sustainable manner” and Bridges Alliance of Johnson County, an organization seeking “to end poverty by providing proven tools, resources, support, and relationships to foster stability and independence.”

In her application, Dr. Crisafulli said, “The idea for this course came from conversations with directors of local nonprofits. Many of these organizations operate with a only a handful of full-time staff members, and even if those staff members have training and experience with professional writing, they do not necessarily have the time and energy to pursue all of the communications-based projects they would like to pursue: the application deadlines slip by for grants that could help purchase equipment or expand services; the social media posts are not as strategic or frequent as they could be; the materials for a fundraiser get thrown together at the last minute; the annual report to donors does not adequately capture the impact the organization has had in the community over the past year.”

“We are excited to have Dr. Crisafulli join the Indiana Campus Compact family of Faculty Fellows,” commented Laura Weaver, Indiana Campus Compact’s Director of Professional Development and Engaged Learning. “Not only will the students be assisting the nonprofit’s communication needs, but the knowledge they gain will help students come into the workforce with a deepened connection to their communities and an experience in organizational operations that will serve them well in their careers whatever those may be.”

Dr. Crisafulli is one of five Faculty Fellows being supported by Indiana Campus Compact during the 2020-2021 academic year.

“Indiana Campus Compact is proud to be supporting innovators like Professor Crisafulli in creating programs to prepare college students as the next generation of civic leaders and community-minded workforce while making a positive impact on tens of thousands of Hoosiers”, says J.R. Jamison, Indiana Campus Compact Executive Director.

For a copy of the grant narrative, photos, or to track progress on this project, please reach out to Liza Blomquist, Director of Communication at 317-274-6505 or liza {at} incampuscompact(.)org.

To learn how you can participate in the Faculty Fellows program, contact Laura Weaver, Director of Professional Development and Engaged Learning laura {at} incampuscompact(.)org or 317-274-6504

To learn how you can support the Faculty Fellows program, contact Steven Stolen, Senior Advisor for Philanthropic Gifts at sstolen57 {at} gmail(.)com 

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