Dr. Jessica Lee, IUPUI, Chosen to be Faculty Fellow

September 28, 2020

IUPUI Faculty Member Becomes Part of Community Engagement Cohort Partnering with
Refugee-focused Nonprofits

 INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Jessica Lee, Ph.D., MA, MBE, LSW, Assistant Professor in the IU School of Social Work at IUPUI where she chairs the Health Concentration, was awarded a Faculty Fellowship from Indiana Campus Compact, a partnership of higher education intuitions that prepares college students to advance the public good. The Fellowship includes funding to support high-impact teaching, research, and engagement practices. As part of the cohort, she will work on a collaborative research project with other Faculty Fellows from across the state, as well as her individual project Responsive Service Learning with Refugee Community Partners, which will entail building new community engagement experiences into courses that allow for community-engaged learning components. She is collaborating with two partner organizations, Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) and Exodus Refugee, to develop deeper partnerships and to provide professional service.

In response to her conversations with Exodus Refugee and BACI, Dr. Lee got to work constructing courses and community-engaged scholarship as reciprocal, co-learning processes, where partners bring together different forms of expertise and work towards a common goal. As part of this collaborative project, Dr. Lee’s students will partner with Exodus and BACI to carry out program evaluations and asset-based needs assessments and at the same time gain skills in thinking globally while acting locally. Dr. Lee herself will then conduct more in-depth program evaluations and participatory research projects in collaboration with the BACI and Exodus staff.

IUPUI is adding $1,500 to the $3,800 Faculty Fellows grant from Indiana Campus Compact, which highlights their commitment to community engagement and to prepare students to advance the common good.

In her application, Dr. Lee says, “Learning processes often involve unlearning and relearning. I challenge students to learn about themselves by critically identifying lenses through which they view the world. By maintaining a relational approach and reflexivity, I emphasize joint framing of goals and responding to issues of power. Relational approaches necessitate ongoing dialogue, cultural humility, and responsiveness.”

“We are excited to have Dr. Lee join the Indiana Campus Compact family of Faculty Fellows,” commented Laura Weaver, Indiana Campus Compact’s Director of Professional Development and Engaged Learning. “Both community organizations approached her about program evaluation and research opportunities. This is the definition of a community-driven project.”

Dr. Lee is one of five Faculty Fellows being supported by Indiana Campus Compact during the 2020-2021 academic year.

“Indiana Campus Compact is proud to be supporting innovators like Dr. Lee in creating programs to prepare college students as the next generation of civic leaders and community-minded workforce while making a positive impact on tens of thousands of Hoosiers”, says J.R. Jamison, Indiana Campus Compact Executive Director.

About Indiana Campus Compact

Indiana Campus Compact is a partnership of Indiana’s public, private, and community college higher education institutions focused on advocating, implementing, and improving service engagement, so that students graduate as well-informed, engaged and productive members of society, who are fully enabled to provide leadership and service that advances the public good in their communities. For more information, please visit www.indianacampuscompact.org.

Note to editor: For a copy of the grant narrative, photos, or to track progress on this project, please reach out to Liza Blomquist, Director of Communication at 317-274-6505 or liza {at} incampuscompact(.)org.

To learn how you can participate in the Faculty Fellows program, contact Laura Weaver, Director of Professional Development and Engaged Learning laura {at} incampuscompact(.)org or 317-274-6504

To learn how you can support the Faculty Fellows program, contact Steven Stolen, Senior Advisor for Philanthropic Gifts at sstolen57 {at} gmail(.)com 

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