Listening, Learning, Transforming: Campus Community Partnership funding

Danielle Wood, Community-Based Research and Impact Assistant Director, Center for Social Concerns at University of Notre Dame, Gail McGuire, Professor of Sociology and Director, Carnegie Engaged Campus Task Force. Department of Sociology & Anthropology and Lee Kahan, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University South Bend, Rebekah Go DeLine, Director, The Office for Civic and Social Engagement, St. Mary’s College, Carol Wetherell, Director, Blumberg Center Director at Indiana State University, Michael Valliant, Service-Learning Program Director, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Indiana University Bloomington, and Liza Blomquist, Director of Communication and Outreach, Indiana Campus Compact.

One of Indiana Campus Compact’s most popular grants, Listening to Communities gives partner campuses the chance to learn what will be most beneficial to the agencies in the community and how they can co-educate your students. Past recipients of the Indiana Campus Compact Listening to Communities grant will share various successful models to start a dialogue with your community to find out their needs and work together to address them.