Strategic Measurement

Our organization cares deeply about supporting our partners, consequently, we strive to provide the most pertinent, useful, and meaningful support and services at all times. Understanding what to offer, to whom, and when means that we will ask our partners- from time to time- to engage in strategic measurement processes. Below we have outlined examples of these endeavors.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, insights, or opinions, so that we can inform and strengthen our organization and our mission.

Every two to three years, Indiana Campus Compact embarks upon a needs assessment that will inform how we can best support our partners. Through our needs assessment, we seek to understand not only what our partners need or require from us, but also how well we are currently providing support, how important that support is right now, and how likely our partners are to utilize it in the near future.

In 2020 we will embark on a needs assessment that will explore the practices, semantics, structures and policies regarding community and civic engagement at independent colleges and universities in Indiana. Lead by H. Anne Weiss, Director of Strategic Measurement and Impact, we strive to learn how to best support the unique nature of our independent partners. Look for more information to come about how you can support this strategic data collection process.

As outlined in our strategic plan, Indiana Campus Compact conducts a benchmarking process every five years. Benchmarking our organization means that we compare our practices to not only the standards used to define a successful and sustainable non-profit organization, but also that we compare ourselves to similar organizations.

Most benchmarking activities involve a nonprofit identifying strengths and challenges in regards to their capacity, as well as setting capacity-building goals. Our organization believes that some areas of “typical” non-profit capacities should be self-assessed and compared (e.g., fundraising and development, planning, and evaluative), but that we should focus more on our capacity to engage our partners or constituents (students, faculty, staff, funders, policy makers, etc.).

If asked, we hope you will help us assess either our current levels of constituent engagement or how we compare to similar organizations that engage similar constituents.

By assessing current levels of constituent engagement, we can establish baseline metrics and better understand what motivates and inspires our partners or constituents. We can then use these metrics to demonstrate a return on our partners’ investment with our organization, upon which we can “prove” the results of our programmatic and funding initiatives.

In 2019, Indiana Campus Compact launched its “Engagement Portal”- read more about the Portal here – to better track how you interact with us.

Data that individuals provide through the Engagement Portal will be very useful for Indiana Campus Compact as we seek to provide resources and support that are timely, meaningful, and useful for our partners. We base our decisions on what to offer, when, and to whom, on data. Data-informed support means that our staff provides curriculum, programming, communications, and other resources that are based on empirical evidence, strategic measurement practices, and customer relations data (i.e., this portal). Customer data is a cornerstone of our strategic measurement practices. As a data-driven organization we take every action we can to collect the necessary customer data points that will enable us to improve our partners’ experiences and fine-tune our strategy over time.

We thank you for utilizing our Engagement Portal.

Indiana Campus Compact is deeply committed to strengthening the strategic measurement practices of our partners. We currently label this niche of support as “Best Practices in Assessing Community Engagement” or BPACE for short. There, you will find a myriad of activities that our partners can engage in across this niche of the work. For more information about the support we offer our campuses in this area please: