Staying Relevant: Shifting to Virtual Faculty Development in the Times of COVID-19

Lindsey Payne, Director, Service-Learning, Office of Engagement, Purdue University and Carly Evich, Service-Learning Graduate Assistant, Purdue University.

At Purdue and across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted service-learning courses and modes of faculty development to online platforms. Communities are struggling more than ever before and community partners’ capacities to participate in these experiences are strained. Set among this backdrop, service-learning staff are challenged to train faculty to avoid the deficit-based mindset, and rather be social change agents through authentic relationships, redistribution of power, and asset-based approaches. There is also great pressure to simply remain relevant and accessible to faculty through the delivery of virtual content.

In this session, explore how service-learning faculty development fits into this new narrative. Participants will: 1) learn about the materials and delivery structure developed by university service-learning staff, and 2) explore their usage and impact through learning management system analytics and interviews.

As a Spark session, participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and provide critical feedback toward creating effective faculty development programs for the common good.


10 minutes overview of work

20 minutes – series of small group discussion, feedback sessions

15 minutes – collective development of “”improved faculty development online modules””

10 minutes – summary, questions and final thoughts


Target audience:

CEP professionals working specifically on developing virtual online support for faculty and staff in service-learning