Faculty Fellows Receive $16,250 from Indiana Campus Compact

August 3, 2016

2016-2017 FF Headshots 2Through support from the Indiana Campus Compact Faculty Fellows program, four Hoosier communities will benefit from the work of Tina M. Kruger, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Applied Health Sciences at Indiana State University, Mark Latta, M.A., Director of the Writing Center, Instructor of English, and Public Literacy Coordinator at Marian University, Lindsey Payne, Ph.D., Assistant Director at the Center for Instructional Excellence, Courtesy Appointment in Environmental and Ecological Engineering,  at Purdue University, and Jennifer VanSickle, Ed.D., associate professor of Sport Management and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Sport Management program at the University of Indianapolis.

Kruger will plan and implement a Center on Lifespan Development at Indiana State University. As a gerontologist, Dr. Kruger is excited to take the next steps in the development of this new Center, which will expand upon many of the partnership she has already developed within the communities in and around Terre Haute to help older adults navigate their changing lives.

Latta will expand his project, Collecting Connections, which will organize and train volunteers to interview riders across all of the IndyGo public transit routes, collecting written and spoken stories about home and community. These public narratives will be “published” through the IndyGo buses and murals displayed at the newly constructed Julia M. Carson Public Transit Center in downtown Indianapolis. As a visible and large-scale city-wide public literacy project, Collecting Connections will serve as a catalyst for promoting community narrative projects and facilitate a broader understanding of public literacy through the generation of a city-wide community writing event.

Payne will develop a longitudinal study examining the impact of the course on students’ professional sustainability competencies developed in the classroom and then transferred to their careers. She will also work to assess the community impact of the course including community partner perceptions of impact, project effectiveness, impact on stormwater runoff management problems, and community partner framework. Lastly, Dr. Payne is committed to partnering with 16 Grow Local Lafayette Community Gardens in assessing local food systems and its impact on the food security of those in Tippecanoe County.

VanSickle will retool her facility and event management course to add to the traditional textbook and lecture-style structure so that students enrolled in this newly re-designed course directly collaborate with the Burello Community Center at Garfield Park to plan, organize and implement health and fitness activities during the Center’s Fall and Spring Break Camps which encourage Indianapolis youth to adopt healthy habits. Dr. VanSickle will incorporate feedback on the partnership from its stakeholders into her future courses.

Funding for the Faculty Fellows is provided by The Lilly Endowment Inc. through Indiana Campus Compact’s project, “Increasing Indiana Higher Education’s Collective Impact on Communities: Campus and Community Partnerships to Advance the Public Good.”

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