Past Support for Carnegie Classification

Applying for Carnegie’s Elective Community Engagement Classification

You can look forward to support like this when you apply for the Carnegie Classification in 2025.

For the 2020 Classification, Indiana Campus Compact offered a series of programs intended to support, boost, or move your campus through the process of applying or reapplying for Carnegie’s Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education.

Completing a “winning” application for this distinction requires endurance, stamina, grit, and determination in an ongoing and long-range manner. This is why we at Indiana Campus Compact are framing ourselves as trainers and coaches for this taxing, yet important process. We are your biggest fans and will work with you to help you succeed and achieve your vision for thriving and reciprocal campus-community partnerships that not only change your institution, but our world!

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*These events and resources are available only to Campus Compact Institutions.

Overview: Here you will find artifacts from previous events and NEW resources, support, or other events created or offered by not only the staff of Indiana Campus Compact but also other Campus Compact colleagues from across the nation.

Join our book club ICC Reads to discuss various aspects of this classification and application process: The 2018 Summer session of ICC Reads focused on the newly released book, The Elective Carnegie Community Engagement Classification: Constructing a Successful Application for First-time and Reclassification Applicants edited by John Saltmarsh and Mathew B. Johnson (Stylus, 2018). If you would like access to the resources from this series, contact Laura Weaver, at weaverla {at} iupui(.)edu.

Preparing & Training for the Marathon, April 3, 2018. This recorded webinar features a team of colleagues who have gone through this before and therefore have a wealth of experiences, advice, examples and lessons learned when thinking about approaching or applying for this distinction in community engagement. Read more about the webinar here(This webinar was created for Indiana Campus Compact Partner Campuses. If you are on a partner Campus and would like to watch this webinar, please contact Anne Weiss at haweiss {at} iupui(.)edu). 

Lessons from the Last Race: Hindsight is 20/20, April 13, 2018. Designed to be an informative and honest conversation about what happens when a process as involved as applying for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification doesn’t yield the results you are seeking, this webinar is now available for viewing at anytime. Click here to view the webinar introduction. Click here for the full conversation. Topics include:

  • Weighing the costs and benefits of completing the application
  • Recognizing why an institution should seek this classification
  • Deciding who to include in the application process and how that relates to context
  • Distinguishing between the variety of ways to approach the application process and what may or may not work for a particular context

Examples of future resources to be released in the fall of 2018  

  • Applications from peer institutions.
  • Links to other Campus Compact resources that are identified by our staff or pushed along from other Compacts.

Overview: Your campus has the opportunity to request support or resources from Indiana Campus Compact that may only be applicable to your particular context and/or goals. See below for some examples of what we currently offer and plan to offer in the future to aid you in your personal training for strength & endurance.

JUST RELEASED: Coaching you through the application. From January 10, 2019 through March 15, 2019, Indiana Campus Compact staff are available review part of your 2020 Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education application.

Submit the section of your institution’s application by completing the online Review Request Form


Campuses wishing to have a section of their application reviewed, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The part of your application you are submitting:
    • is labeled with your institution, your contact information, and the section to be reviewed, including the question prompt(s); and
    • is submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx, .doc, etc.).
  • We ask you to follow the section framework guidelines (e.g., question prompt, word limits, etc.) as indicated in the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Elective Community Engagement Classification Documentation Framework.
  • Indiana Campus Compact staff have 14 business days to complete reviews and will return feedback to the main contact person indicated on the online Review Request Form.
  • Indiana Campus Compact staff will only review one section per institution.

Due to staff limitations, Indiana Campus Compact may not be able to honor all requests.

For the purposes of this review process, Indiana Campus Compact has grouped various sections together. View a list of framework questions that can be submitted together by downloading the appropriate documents below.

submit your Review Request today!

Tell us what you need. Complete this brief questionnaire to indicate what support, networking, communications, and other resources you need to participate in this round of the application process. Begin the questionnaire by clicking here.

Benchmarking & strategically planning your institutionalization of campus-community engagement>> Indiana Campus Compact will guide you and your colleagues through a consensus-building workshop that will identify, prioritize, and plan your work around campus-community engagement. Please fill out this short form so that we can follow-up with you to gain more insights about how a self-assessment or strategic planning process may specifically benefit your campus.

Coaching you through the application. Beginning in November of 2018, and available through March of 2019, Indiana Campus Compact staff are available review part of your 2020 Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education application. Campuses wishing to have a section of their application reviewed, should complete the following steps:

  • Prepare the section of the application to be reviewed as a Microsoft Word document.  Please, note that application responses must be prepared in accordance to the framework guidelines (e.g., individual responses are limited to 500 words or less).
  • Complete the online Review Request Form (available early November 2018) and submit the section to be reviewed.

Indiana Campus Compact staff will complete the section review within 14 business days and will only review one section per institution at a time. Additionally, due to staff limitations, we may not be able to honor all requests.

Please reach out to Laura Weaver, Director of Programs and Member Development at weaverla {at} iupui(.)edu">weaverla {at} iupui(.)edu if you have an idea for additional support or resource that you or your campus will need for completing the 2020 application for Carnegie’s Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education.

Overview: An important part of training for a marathon is proper nutrition, hydration, and teamwork. Without these elements most runners will “hit the wall.” To hit the wall is to run out of energy, which of course comes from inadequate or inappropriate nutrition and hydration. “The wall” does not discriminate by talent, experience level, or any other factor; every campus that goes through this difficult or taxing application is susceptible to hitting the wall.

To help you avoid hitting the wall, Indiana Campus Compact is offering your team the chance to come together and find a way to fuel your team, your application, and/or your overall experience in a balanced and measured way. While there is something to be said for approaching the application in an unencumbered fashion, you may pay the price for not logging the nutrition you need for when you really need it.

We are offering two dates and two different locations in order to make it as easy as possible for one of these events to fit your travel budget and your calendar. Please note, the content will not differ between these two offerings.

  1. Friday, November 30, 2018 at Indiana University South Bend from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  2. Friday, January 25, 2019 at Indiana University Bloomington from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Complete the Intake Form in order to begin the process of registering your team to attend one of these workshops.

Details on the two workshops were sent in early October 2018 to campus liaisons at Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions who have indicated they will be seeking the 2020 Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education.

Overview: Just like any other event, it is important to celebrate every milestone in this process. Therefore, regardless of whether or not a partner campus receives the classification for community engagement, Indiana Campus Compact is looking forward to honoring all of those who went through this process. Stay tuned for how we will plan to publicly recognize those that crossed the finish line i.e., submitted their application.