Grant Terms and Conditions

Indiana Campus Compact Grant Terms and Conditions

Allowable Grant Costs

Grantee will only request funds directly associated with the development or implementation of the project such as:

  • Personnel – Grantee must keep all direct effort records toward the project from the start of the grant period.
  • Personnel expenses are not applicable to the Student community Service (SCS), Listening to Communities (LTC), and Conference Registration Scholarship (CRS) grants
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Project supplies
  • Travel and non-ICC conference related fees. Please note: the Conference Registration Scholarship (CRS) is only for conference registration fees, not related travel.

Non-allowable Grant Costs

Grantee will not request funds indirectly related to the development or implementation of the project such as:

  • Activities that generate income for ICC (ICC hosted conferences, publications, etc.)
  • Durable equipment over $100 (unless approved in writing by Indiana Campus Compact)
  • Payment for participants to do service (e.g. cash incentives, gift cards, etc.)
  • Fundraising activities
  • Entertainment costs (e.g. tickets to recreational events, etc.)

Cash Match

Institutions will provide a cash match toward the development or implementation of the project. This must be provided from the institution and not an outside source. Indirect costs and in-kind contributions are not considered a cash match. Appropriate documentation of expenditures must be kept on file to be made available for audit and inspection if required. This documentation must reflect expenditures toward direct project support as described in the budget and narrative of the original proposal.

  • Personnel cash matches require a letter from the department head on letterhead indicating the match dollars are being provided as a release of xx% time toward project
  • Cash Match minimums are as follows:
    • Conference Registration Scholarships – $0
    • Faculty Fellows Grant –
      • Faculty Fellow (FF) – $1,250
      • Senior Faculty Fellow (SFF) – $2,500
    • The Engaged Campus Grants –
      • Engaged Department (ED) – $3,500
      • Enhancing Service Engagement Collaborations (ESEC) – $5,000
    • Service Engagement Grants –
      • Student community Service (SCS) -25% of the requested amount
      • Listening to Communities (LTC) – $500
      • Scholarship of Engagement (SOE) – $750

Liability and Safety

The Grantee must have adequate liability coverage for the organization, employees, and participants, including coverage of participants engaged in on and off-site project activities. The grantee must institute safeguards to ensure the safety of participants.

Grant Profiles

Sponsor reserves the right to use your project’s application and/or grant report as an example of successfully funded projects on the website and/or on other print/electronic materials.

Grant Award Payments

Grants are on a reimbursement basis only, with exception to the Faculty Fellows Grant, no upfront funds will be given. Grantees will charge expenditures to an institutional account. Once all reporting requirements have been met, the Sponsor will reimburse the institution. The Grantee will work with the Fiscal Manager for the project to ensure compliance of institutional and Sponsor fiscal guidelines.

Grant Proposal Routing

Grantee will route all grants through appropriate grant and fiscal offices in accordance to their institution’s policy.

  • All IU campuses will route their application through IU Bloomington, who will be the Fiscal Manager
  • All Purdue campuses will route their application through Purdue West Lafayette, who will be the Fiscal Manager
  • All Ivy Tech campuses will route their application through Ivy Tech Central Region, who will be the Fiscal Manager

Award Notifications

Sponsor will notify you of funding decision within six weeks of application deadline. The Sponsor will also notify the institution’s President/Chancellor, campus media, and the appointed Campus Liaisons.

Materials Produced with Grant Funds

  • Materials (print and/or electronic, including t-shirts) produced with grant funds must acknowledge Indiana Campus Compact support. The ICC style Guide (see below) will provide parameters for the use of ICC logos, social media tags, etc..
  • Failure to include ICC on all/any of the referenced outlets will result in a loss of funding.

Changes in Project Proposal or Budget

Grantee will notify ICC in writing regarding all changes in project design and/or budget, including the reason for the change. Changes as follows require notification:

  • Changes in the scope of the goals of the project
  • Changes in the Project Director
  • Contracting out any project activities funded by the grant and not specifically identified in the proposal
  • Budget adjustment – you are required to submit a revised budget. Please use the original proposed budget form and highlight your changes
  • Grant extensions – Our Service Engagement Grant is the only grant that allows for extensions. The extension request noting the reason for project delay, expected timeline to complete the project, and any other information you wish to include must be in writing.


Grantees are required to submit reports in accordance with the Reporting Template provided. You project is considered complete when all sections have been submitted. The award letter outlines the submission deadlines for project reports.

Review Committee

All grantees agree to serve on one grant review committee, for future applications in the same category, within one year of their current grant term end date.

Modifications to Award Letters

Modification to award letters shall be in writing and signed by both the Sponsor and Grantee.


Indiana Campus Compact Style Guide 


The Indiana Campus Compact logo must be used on any and all printed and/or electronic materials that result from an Indiana Campus Compact funded project, such as flyers, electronic invitations, event handouts, t-shirts, etc.

You may not alter the logos in any manner.

Download logo here – Indiana Campus Compact logo -red (

Publication type materials should include the disclaimer that states “Opinions or points of view expressed in this document are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Indiana Campus Compact.”

Press Releases

All press releases promoting an Indiana Campus Compact project must include information about the grant and credit Indiana Campus Compact as the funder.

Please forward all press releases to Liza Blomquist at eldnewma {at} iupui(.)edu.

Press releases must also include the About Indiana Campus Compact paragraph listed below:

About Indiana Campus Compact
Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) is a partnership of Indiana’s public, private, and community college higher education institutions focused on advocating, implementing, and improving service engagement, so that students graduate as well-informed, engaged and productive members of society, who are fully enabled to provide leadership and service that advances the public good in their communities. For more information, please visit

Social Media

We encourage you to use social media to promote your Indiana Campus Compact funded project; any posts surrounding an ICC funded project must include the hashtag #INCompactNation and tag Indiana Campus Compact as follows:

  • Facebook – @IndianaCampusCompact
  • Instagram – @incampuscompact
  • Twitter – @INCampusCompact