Election Engagement Resources

Indiana Campus Compact, in partnership with ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), is working to support institutions of higher education throughout Indiana to engage students in the 2020 election and beyond.


Dialogue Resources

In the weeks and months following the election, you may want to schedule a series of deliberative dialogue events on your campus and in your community. You can findspecific dialogue guides around the U.S. political system from:

Looking for a training on deliberative dialogue? Check-out the recorded virtual training from Campus Compact.

Day On Democracy Map—Report the student-friendly election practices your campus embraces by reporting it to Day On Democracy and having it added to their Day On Democracy Map.

GUIDE: Beyond the 2020 ElectionOur colleagues at the Campus Election Engagement Project have developed a guide that provides tips on Processing the 2020 Election beginning with the day after the election and continuing on through the next several weeks. The Guide provide links to additional resources.

GUIDE: Common Question Post-Election—Our colleagues at the Campus Election Engagement Project have developed a guide that outlines the most commonly asked questions post-election. This guide provides easy to understand information on everything from the Electoral College to Inauguration Day.

    Additional Resources


While the election is over, it is important to keep track of the positions of newly elected and incumbent legislators. Indiana Campus Compact in partnership with staff at CEEP have created several nonpartisan candidate and issue guides to help identify the position of candidates on key issues.

Download Indiana Student Voter Guide


Once again, though the 2020 election is over, there will be mid-terms in 2022. Below you will find a number of election and voter education resources with college and university students specifically in mind.