Framework of Care – Framing Immersive Learning

Kara DuQuette, Project Manager, Office of Immersive Learning, Ball State University and Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, PhD., Professor of Adult, Higher, and Community Education, Ball State University.

This Spark Session will focus on Coming Together for the Common Good through using a framework of care to design experiences in formal or informal learning. Informed by the work of Myles Horton, Paulo Freire, Nel Noddings, and Fergal Finnegan, we focus our application for the framework to programs supporting social justice and action for positive social change.

The framework is based on programs involving popular education, community development, open communication, critical reflection, and democratic participation. It can be applied to most instructional contexts, where relationships between facilitators and participants are valued as part of an active learning environment.

When planning programs, we recommend both understanding participants’ learning goals and then being attentive to care, community, communication, critical reflection, equality, and democracy. Through these approaches, educators can create a caring experience for learners. It applies well to service-learning relationships with communities and higher education.

This Spark Session will first outline the aspects of the framework of care and then provide an example from our experience where it has been used. The central part of the session will be working with the participants in a Think, Pair, and Share approach to apply aspects of this framework to their own learning experiences and program development. We hope to engage the participants by adding this framework of care to their educational toolbox.

Our intended audience includes educators and people who plan collaborative educational programs that focus on the learner and subject more than a content delivery approach.