A Framework for Collaborative School Principal and School Counselor Preparation

Rachel Geesa, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Ball State University and Dr. Theresa Kruczek. Professor of Educational Psychology and School Counseling/Head Researcher for the School Counseling Lilly Grant, Ball State University.

Both the Educational Leadership and School Counseling departments at Ball State University were awarded Lilly Endowment grant to study the effects of educational leadership and school counselor collaboration on the educational environment and overall student success with comprehensive school counseling programs. Research has found that effective educational leadership and school counselor collaboration results in a more improved understanding of school counselor roles and responsibilities which leads to more effective comprehensive school counseling programs for improved student success in academics, social-emotional learning, and career and college readiness.

The departments at Ball State have developed a collaborative framework with six goals which include: 1). Effective pre-service preparation; 2). Sustainable partnerships; 3). Stakeholder collaboration; 4). Current practitioner support; 5). Model site development; and 6) Ongoing research and professional learning. This presentation will provide an overview of the need for this higher educational collaboration, and a discussion about how the grant work between both departments is shaping the future of education and student success through the outlined goals.

The presentation will provide the context of the need and benefits of school counselor/principal collaboration and how the grant work from both departments are promoting this collaboration, developing role understanding, effectively preparing practitioners, and providing support to current in-service practitioners and how these benefit students’ academic success, social-emotional learning, and college and career preparedness.

The purpose is to provide context for school counselor and principal collaboration and its benefits as well as describing the established framework for promoting and developing it within schools.

We will describe ongoing research efforts and findings, and how the grant goals and outcomes are progressing.

We will present the various publications and studies conducted during the grant timeline.

We will provide personal background and experience along with research interests in relation to the grant work.

We will use a PowerPoint to outline research background, grant goals, and provide a visual for the presentation discussion.

One presenter is from the Educational Leadership department and one is from the School Counseling department, which will directly lead into presentation subjects and provide both viewpoints to the audience and will be able to provide information and answer questions.

This presentation is designed for pre- and in-service practitioners and faculty of both educational leadership and school counseling backgrounds, university representatives interested in developing inter-department collaboration, and community stakeholders and partners with an interest in student success and preparedness.

A wide range of experience levels would benefit from the presentation topic.