2019 Richard J. Wood Student Community Commitment Award Delaney Weiland, University of Notre Dame

Delaney is senior at The University of Notre Dame, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in Theology and Poverty Studies. She plans to serve those who are on the margins as a family practice doctor. Her experiences in service-learning and community engagement have guided her toward continuing to work with those who are stifled and ignored.

One support letter read, “Delaney embodies the ideals this award seeks to recognize. In particular, it has been gratifying for me to observe Delaney’s development, with respect to the maturation of her ability to reflect on her community engagement experiences and her emergence as a campus leader guiding others toward this same opportunity for growth. The arc of Delaney’s service learning has given her a breadth and depth of experience and insight into the challenges to human flourishing encountered by those experiencing homelessness. Delaney has the intellectual capacity, maturity, and virtues of hospitality, compassion, and humility to respond in meaningful and transformative ways. Delaney is a remarkable, and yet unassuming, woman. She is blessed with considerable intellect, but leads with her heart and has servant in her bones.”