Beyond the Hashtags: Putting Meaning, Method, and Measurement Behind Intercultural Competency and Diversity

November 2, 2017

Issues of intercultural skills and diversity affect every institution, including areas of student learning. While integrating intercultural skills into our educational interventions is challenging enough, assessing those factors poses an additional challenge. This session will address three big challenges with regard to intercultural competency and diversity in higher education, focusing on developing participants’ skills through research-based practice. First, how can institutions meaningfully define complex constructs like “intercultural competency and diversity”? Second, what are the institutional levers – including curricular, co-curricular, and social/cultural interventions – for developing these skills in students, and how can we integrate them into our assessment? Third, what data can demonstrate effectiveness or, perhaps more importantly, guide improvements in teaching and learning? Each topic will be supported by a conversation of research and practice in the field, as well as include concrete strategies that attendees can take back to support work at their institutions.


Ross Markle serves as a Senior Assessment Strategist for the Higher Education Division at Educational Testing Service. In his role, he supports ETS’ thought leadership efforts in higher education by collaborating with operational and research areas, as well as the higher education community. Ross also works directly with colleges and universities to promote the effective use of assessments and data in student success efforts, particularly with traditionally underserved populations. He has also worked in ETS’ Research and Development Division, focusing on the assessment of noncognitive and 21st century skills, student success, and student learning outcomes assessment in higher education. Prior to joining ETS’ Higher Education Division, Ross obtained his Ph.D. in Assessment & Measurement Psychology from James Madison University, and also served as the Director of Co-curricular Assessment and Research at Northern Kentucky University.”

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