Merici Village Apartments Garden Intern(s)

February 26, 2016

Reports to: Sister Jackie McCracken

Supervises: N/A

Desired Impact: The Merici Village Apartments (MVA) garden intern(s) provides gardening planning and coordination with MVA residents and their families to begin in January of each year. This internship requires knowledge of gardening to include seeds, plants, vegetables, and flowers without the use of pesticides and other non-organic substances. This internship also requires skill in coordination and planning with residents and their families. The intern needs to have a passion for the natural world and sustainable living through the growing of vegetables and flowers.

1. Plan and facilitate meetings with interested MVA residents and families in early spring to gauge interest and abilities
2. Collaborate with the Master Gardener Program to facilitate best practices and learning for our residents
3. Purchase needed supplies: seeds, plants, gardening tools, etc.
4. Instruct residents in how to plant, weed, and harvest vegetables
5. Instruct residents in how to prepare vegetables for eating
6. Organize residents and families to visit the garden consistently to weed and water the beds

Sister Jackie McCracken, O.S.F.
The Village of Merici, Inc.
Community Facilitator
5707 Lawton Loop East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46216

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