Preparing College Students to Advance the Public Good in Indiana

Benefits for Partner Campuses

Indiana Campus Compact makes a positive and lasting impact on your campus and in your community. From training and networking to funding to leadership and recognition, explore some of the benefits of becoming a partner campus below. 

Training & Networking

Indiana Campus Compact offers a range of annual and customized events to help participants develop their service learning and community engagement skillsets. 

In addition to these events, all Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions are eligible to receive the equivalent of one 8-hour day of free Customized Assistance each academic year.


Partner campuses are eligible to apply for grants and loans to support service learning and community engagement projects as well as technical support from our experienced staff throughout the process. 

Leadership and Recognition Opportunities

Indiana Campus Compact partners may explore leadership development opportunities as members of our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Campus Liaison Teams.

In addition, we recognize excellence in service learning and community engagement at all levels, with award and recognition opportunities  for students, faculty, staff, community organizations and more.

Partnership Fees

To join Indiana Campus Compact, campuses pay an annual partnership fee (July 1 to June 30), based on the full-time equivalent enrollment of undergraduates at their institution.

Partnership fees, along with funding received from foundations, corporations, and individual donors, allow us to:

  • Provide partner institutions with training, technical assistance and financial support
  • Build statewide support for higher education’s public service role
  • Fund program development at our member campuses
  • Organize regional, statewide and national events and gatherings
  • Promote public awareness of individual campus’s civic engagement activities

Our partnership fees are based on a range model determined by an institutions FTE as outlined below:

Range Structure
0-1,000  $      5,000.00
1,001-3,000  $      7,500.00
3,001-7,000  $      8,500.00
7,001-13,000  $    10,000.00
13,001-20,000  $    12,000.00
20,001-30,000  $    14,000.00
30,001-40,000  $    20,000.00
40,001-50,000  $    40,000.00
50,001-60,000+  $    50,000.00

Become a Partner

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