Donors and Partners

We are grateful for the generous support our donors and partners provide. Together, we can continue our mission of preparing college students to advance the public good in their communities.

To put it simply, you can help us encourage, inspire, and invest in good ideas from people on college campuses so they have a chance to be successful. When we do, students, faculty, staff are more connected to their community and stronger public citizens. Something everyone agrees is important . . . especially right now.

Our Fundraising Challenge

Our first ever individual giving campaign, the Lilly-Glick Challenge, in partnership with Lilly Endowment Inc. and Marianne Glick and Mike Woods.

The funds raised will enable Indiana Campus Compact to create and expand programs that prepare college students as the next generation of civic leaders and community-minded workforce for the state of Indiana.

Marianne says, “When students make a difference in the community, it gives them experiences that I think there is no other way to get. One of our greatest hopes for Indiana is that our level of educational attainment and equity improves dramatically. I think anytime a college or university can reach out and make a difference – and they do have the ability to make a difference – it’s good for the faculty, it’s good for the students, and it’s good for their communities to be engaged with each other. We give to Indiana Campus Compact because we know they propel community engagement in higher education in the state of Indiana and make these changes possible.”

Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters

We appriciate our In-Kind Donors

Thank you to the Partners and Sponsors who provide additional support for our Programs

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