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Research With and About Community Engagement

The Indiana Campus Compact Research With and About Community Engagement funding opportunity will support original research aimed at empirically exploring community engagement initiatives and organizational change at institutions of higher education in Indiana or the effect community engagement has on students’ success during or after college. Funded research will support Indiana Campus Compact’s goal to “increase rigorous and deep assessment…of community engagement’s collective impact on the challenges facing Indiana” and beyond. This funding opportunity seeks to connect community-engaged scholars, both within higher education and community organizations, with individuals from institutional research or effectiveness offices as a means of supporting their research efforts.

The overall goals of the program include:

  • Increase the amount of original research documenting the collective impact of community engagement practices on the challenges facing Indiana.
  • Increase the number of published research outputs, traditional and non-traditional, that document research on community-engaged and/or community-based teaching and learning practices and their connection to institutional change and/or student success.
  • Strengthen partnerships between community-engaged scholars, both within higher education and community organizations, and institutional research and effectiveness professionals aimed at increasing research about institutional community engagement practices.

The Research With and About Community Engagement seeks to fund two types of research projects:

  1. Original research that is in partnership with community organizations or community members and is focused on topics, issues, or questions that arise from the community (partnering organization or community at large) and because the community has determined it is important, relevant, or timely.
  2. Original research that is about the impact of community engagement on organization change at the institution—both higher education and/or community organization institutions—and the impact this has on the institution’s stakeholders.

Funding Award

Required Institutional Match
$1,500 or 30% of requested amount

Who Should Apply:

Research Teams made up of any combination of campus stakeholders along with community representatives are encouraged to apply. Eligible campus stakeholders include:

SENIOR ADMINISTRATOR with responsibilities in overseeing university-wide community engagement initiatives

FACULTY from any discipline, and of any rank  and is employed at the institution a minimum of 50% FTE


DOCTORAL STUDENT(full- or part-time) from any discipline looking to support their dissertation research

Application Deadlines & Project Timelines

Proposals are accepted once per quarter (in May, August, November, and February) on the second Monday of the month.

Each project lasts about 15-24 months.

Submission Process

Applicants are responsible for proper routing and approval by their institution prior to submission. Detailed instructions on the submission process can be found in the request for proposal and on the main Indiana Campus Compact Engagement Portal page.

Applications must be submitted via the Indiana Campus Compact Engagement Portal. We require the Primary Investigator to create their own individual account for submission. Instructions on how to create a user profile can be found here.

Looking for Assistance?

Contact us to learn more or to discuss grant ideas; Indiana Campus Compact partners get the benefit of our team's expertise in navigating the grant application process, every step of the way.

Recently Funded Projects

RWACE Marjorie Schaeffer
Saint Mary’s College Researchers Receives Grant To Examine How Peer Observation Affects Faculty Attitudes Toward Inclusive Teaching

Dr. Marjorie Schaeffer and Dr. Jessica Coblentz will lead an interdisciplinary group of researchers to measure shifts in faculty attitudes towards the value and practice of inclusive pedagogy focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

This innovative project not only has interdisciplinary faculty participants and researchers, it has received broad support from across the campus as an important part of St. Mary’s campus culture of inclusivity and long-standing commitment to social justice.

RWACE Mary Price
IUPUI Researcher Receives Grant To Examine The Transformational Potential of Community-Campus Partnerships

Dr. Mary F. Price will lead a team of researchers to co-create a Toolkit to assess community-campus partnership quality, distil implications of their results, determine actions to take in order to improve their partnership quality and impact, and monitor enhancements.

The research will attempt to answer these questions, “How do we know the extent to which our partnerships are -- or are moving in the direction of -- transformation: generating new and otherwise
Dr. Mary F. Price
unobtainable possibilities, from individual identities to organizational cultures to systems change? How do we get on the same page as partners about whether and in what ways we intend them to? How do we determine what difference it makes to the outcomes of partnerships? These questions are the core of this project.”

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Additional Documents

Sample Reporting Guidelines

The Sample Reporting Guidelines are provided as a reference. Those who have received funding should refer to the individualized Reporting Guidelines provided with their funding notification. Contact us if you require another copy of your individualized Reporting Guidelines.