The Engaged Campus Grants

All 2016-2020 Engaged Campus Grants have been awarded.

The Engaged Campus Grants support the embedding of service engagement into campus culture; applicants may choose one of two institutionalization projects:

  • The Engaged Department Grant – Individual departments may apply for these funds to develop and/or strengthen their support for service engagement. Awardees will spend 16 months developing or strengthening support for faculty and staff efforts in and with the community, revising policies and systems to reward faculty for their engagement work, adopting sustainable department to community partnerships, and/or elevating departmental changes in such a manner to be a role model for other departments both on your own campus and on other campuses.
  • Enhancing Service Engagement Collaboration Grant – Institutions may apply for these funds to support the holistic implementation of service engagement through Academic and Student Affairs partnerships. Awardees will spend 16 months collaborating on the development and/or strengthening of campus-wide service engagement institutionalization efforts.

• Award amounts:
– The Engaged Department – $14,000 (institutional cash match $3,500)
– Enhancing Service Engagement Collaboration – $20,000 (institutional cash match $5,000)
• Four applicants will be selected (two for The Engaged Department; two for Enhancing Service Engagement Collaboration.
• Grants are awarded on a reimbursement basis throughout the grant term.