Listen. Talk. Transform.. . .Your Way Into Spring With Support from Indiana Campus Compact

Greetings, partners & friends:

The holidays have passed, the snow has blown through, and the calendar change from one year to the next brings with it new opportunities for growth and change.

Last summer, we began crafting a year-long theme of Listen. Talk. Transform. which helped us be more intentional about our joint commitment (compact) to community-campus engagement for a healthier democracy. You saw this in how we adapted our methods and practices to bring people together across difference, and this will continue to live on into the spring semester.

Our team here at Indiana Campus Compact spent most of this fall crafting new funding opportunities rooted in intentionality, exploring community-engaged work through a critical lens, and building lasting structures that will be designed in partnership by higher education, nonprofit community partners, government agencies, and businesses to shape the way we educate our students here in Indiana. We are excited to offer these new funding opportunities, and you can view the full menu here .

Beyond funding, we have a plethora of other offerings to help you meet your goals. As you navigate the tabs below , you’ll find trainings, events, and resources for faculty, staff, students, and senior administrators, regardless if they’re new to this work or a seasoned practitioner.

I want to point out one event in particular: The Summit. This year we will welcome Eboo Patel from the Interfaith Youth Core who will keynote the annual gala and awards dinner. You may be familiar with Eboo’s work from his two bestselling books, “Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, in the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation” and “Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America.” The Summit will include deep dive workshops, poster and breakout sessions, and other prominent voices in higher education and community engagement including Dr. Karen Solomon from the Higher Learning Commission and Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the first woman to have been ordained a rabbi in Reconstructionist Judaism.

We hope you take the time to journey through our upcoming opportunities, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, thoughts, or how we might better help you and your partners meet your goals. We’ll see you on February 25th and 26th at The Summit.

All the best –

J.R. Jamison, Executive Director

9th Annual SUMMIT

Registration is now open for our 9th annual Service Engagement Summit featuring Eboo Patel, Karen Solomon, Rabbi Sandy Sasso, Joseph Tucker Edmunds, and Marisol Morales. Join us in Indianapolis for the 9th annual Service Engagement Summit, February 25-26, 2019. This year’s conference theme, Listen. Talk. Transform., is the culmination of a year-long look into the many forms of dialogue as a tool for crossing differences and improving lives in our communities. Click here to register, view the program and featured speakers, find logistics, and more!

Colloquium on High-Impact Practices

Connecting Campuses with Communities is now the Colloquium on High-Impact Community Engagement Practices and the entire week is getting a face-lift for 2019! This year Indiana Campus Compact is adding an additional two-day workshop specifically focused on critical community engagement practices and how to intentionally integrate these practices into your courses. Save the dates now and watch for more details to be released in February! Want to be the first to find out information? Email Laura at weaverla {at} iupui(.)edu to be added to the VIP list for the Colloquium.

Pen to Paper Writing Retreat

The Pen to Paper Writing Retreat is coming back to the Midwest for 2019! After engaging with scholars on both the east and west coast in 2017 and 2018, Indiana Campus Compact is bringing this two and a half-day academic writing retreat back to where it all began. Designed to prepare engaged scholars to publish their community engaged work, Pen to Paper has enabled more than 100 engaged scholars from across the country to receive immediate in-person feedback from editors of some of the top community engagement journals, be mentored by senior scholars in the field, share ideas with peers, and of course write. Watch for more details to be released in February and registration to open in March!

ICC Reads – Spring 2019 Session

Free and only available for Indiana Campus Compact partner campuses, Indiana Campus Compact’s Book Club, ICC Reads, is in its fourth iteration!  Join us this spring on Tuesdays at noon. This session of ICC Reads will focus on Community-Based Research (CBR) and feature the text Community-Based Research: Teaching for Community Impact edited by Mary Beckman and Joyce F. Long. 

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Applying for Carnegie’s Elective Community Engagement Classification

JUST RELEASED: Coaching you through the application. From now through March 15, 2019, Indiana Campus Compact staff are available review part of your 2020 Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement in Higher Education application. Institutions may submit sections of their application via the Online Review Request Form, and receive feedback from an Indiana Campus Compact staff member in approximately 14 business days. Learn more about this valuable resource on the It’s a Marathon, Not A Sprint page.

The Compact Nation Podcast

Bring higher education community engagement on the go with Compact Nation Podcast! Tune in bi-weekly for conversations with leading community engagement professionals and discussions of new research and innovative work in the field.

Latest Episodes


Putting the ‘Action’ in Civic Action Plans: Learn about different approaches to Civic Action Planning from Loras College & James Madison University


Students Making Change: Hear from two of Campus Compact’s Newman Civic Fellows


The following grants are contingent upon funding being available for the 2019-2022 funding cycle. Learn More Here.

The Actualizing a Culture for Community Engagement grant aims to provide Indiana Campus Compact partner institutions with the opportunity to deepen their community engagement efforts by intentionally developing a campus-wide ethos for community engagement. By intentionally designing and implementing holistic community engagement strategies intended to shift the culture, selected institutions are enabled to create authentic, reciprocal community-campus partnerships, and leverage their role as a place-based institution to accelerate systematic change.

The Senior Faculty Fellow is a three-year leadership opportunity for a highly engaged scholar who will serve as a peer mentor to each cadre of selected Faculty Fellows beginning in July 2019 through May 2022. The Senior Fellow will work closely with the staff at Indiana Campus Compact to shape the thematic work of each cohort of Fellows, ensuring that there is a common thematic thread connecting each programmatic year.

The Indiana Campus Compact Faculty Fellows program is a year-long learning community experience designed in the tenets of Boyer’s (1996) vision of the scholarship of engagement. Selected individuals will serve a one-year term as part of a cohort with other engaged scholars from Indiana Campus Compact partner campuses. Each year, the cadre of selected scholars will work collaboratively on a scholarly project that will seek to advance the understanding and practice of the field of community engagement through the collaborative engagement research paradigm (Jacquez, Ward, & Goguen, 2016), while individually incorporating community engagement into the three components of faculty work: teaching, research, and service.

The Indiana Campus Compact High-Impact Community Engagement Practices funding opportunity will support the development and implementation of a high-impact community engagement learning practice (Hoy & Johnson, 2013). These types of activities can include both curricular (first-year seminars, capstone courses, global learning, internships, service-learning courses, undergraduate research course, and writing intensive courses) and co-curricular (common intellectual experiences, learning communities) experiences (Longo & Gibson, 2016) that also incorporate an intentional emphasis community-engagement practices—e.g., place, humility, integration, depth, development, reflection, teams, capacity building, impact

The Indiana Campus Compact Strengthening Communities grant supports a wide range of community engagement experiences from episodic place-based projects to regional Indiana-based plunge experiences, to short-term on-going co-curricular community engagement activities, to training and advocacy initiatives addressing systemic community issues. Projects are to be designed in such a way that participants are able to further develop a deeper understanding of civic learning and democratic engagement, including the skills and concepts necessary to implement such activities and develop into future civic leaders and civic minded professionals.

The institutional Research and Student Success Learning Community is funding to support research projects that either A) ask questions regarding community engagement initiatives, pedagogies, or programs and their relationship(s) to student success during or after college (e.g., students’ persistence, DFW rates, GPA, graduation rates, alumni outcomes, alumni engagement, etc.) or B) seek to understand and analyze complex data sources in order to generate compelling information that decision makers can use to inform community engagement efforts at your campus (i.e., conduct institutional research projects).


The Social Innovation Microlending Program provides an opportunity for college student and alum social entrepreneurs to obtain a loan of up to $50,000 to start a social venture. If you are ready to bring about social change and have an idea for a social venture in need of additional capital and support, this program is for you

Last chance to apply for 2016-2019 funding. Service Engagement (Scholarship of Engagement, Listening to Communities, and Student Community Service) grant applications are due February, 11, 2019. Conference Registration Scholarships are available for presenters at non-Indiana Campus Compact events until May 15, 2019. Contact Summer Webb at srsharp2 {at} iupui(.)edu with questions.


Three types of grants are available from this funding: Scholarship of Engagement Grants for faculty, Student Community Service Grants, and Listening to Communities Grants for faculty and staff. Each grant is unique in its purpose, but all have community engagement as the end result. Funding can be used for a variety of projects from course/curriculum development to student initiatives/events to holding listening sessions for community agencies.


Conference Registration Scholarships are available for faculty, students, and staff to offset the registration costs of presenting at non-ICC conferences so that their work in service-learning and community engagement can be showcased outside of Indiana. The presentation must relate to the mission of Indiana Campus Compact. Preference is given to those who present on their Indiana Campus Compact supported work. Applications are due on a rolling basis.

Indiana Campus Compact Service Engagement Awards


  • 2020 Applications will available on March 3, 2019 
  • 2020 Applications due May 15, 2019
  • 2020 Award winners and nominees will be recognized at the 2020 Summit in February of 2020

After feedback from stakeholders, Indiana Campus Compact has decided that some changes to our annual Service Engagement Awards are in order. Besides the new timeline, look for the following changes in the 2020 applications:

  • The applications will be streamlined in order to make it easier to apply
  • Applicants will be required to include fewer support letters
  • The Outstanding Community Partner Award will be a non-competitive award and we will encourage all campuses to put forth their own award-winning community partners
  • Students applying for the Hiltunen Award will be required to have a least one year of college left at the time the award is given (spring) to allow them to serve in a leadership position with Indiana Campus Compact
  • We will not be accepting Engaged Campus of the Year applications in 2020

Look for even more changes coming for the 2021 awards, including:

The Indiana Campus Compact Awards publicly recognize and reward the commitment, creativity, and excellence our partner campuses spread across all aspects of community-campus partnerships which lead to improving tens of thousands of lives in Indiana and beyond.

Along with the recognition, each award carries a cash prize.


Many Indiana Campus Compact partner campuses have scheduled on-campus professional development workshops that are tailored specifically for the faculty, staff, and students at their institution. While we are always eager to speak at events, present workshops, and assess your community engagement programs at your institution, our schedules are almost full for the spring semester! So now is the time to begin thinking about scheduling your institution’s Summer and Fall 2019 workshops. Find out more about the scheduling process and view sample workshops here.

Save the date for the biennial Campus Compact Conference

MARCH 29 – APRIL 1, 2020

The Campus Compact National Conference 2020 conference will be held in the heart of downtown Seattle at the Hyatt Regency.

Early bird will open: June, 2019

The 2020 conference call for proposals will begin in March 2019.

A discounted room rate will be available for conference attendees. Check back in early summer for additional details and to book your room!


ONLINE CALENDAR – Bookmark this page to stay up to date.

Calendar 18.19 updated Dec 2018 – The printable calendar contains all the dates and deadlines described in this kick-off – and more! Customize the printable calendar to meet your needs. If you would like to add your contact information and specifics for your campus at the bottom of the calendar before you pass it along to your colleagues, just email Liza Blomquist at eldnewma {at} iupui(.)edu with a short sentence or two. Checkout the example for Purdue Fort Wayne.

MIDWEST CAMPUS COMPACT CONFERENCE—Dispatches from the Midwest: Community, Collaboration, and Critical Perspectives

Whether you are new to community-engaged learning and scholarship and curious about learning the basics of community-campus partnerships, or you are a seasoned engaged scholar or community engagement professional who is seeking innovative approaches and discussion of important issues, this conference will provide you with they opportunity to learn, explore, connect, leaving prepared for bold and thoughtful action. The Midwest Campus Compact Conference will take place May 29 – 31, 2019, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Proposals to present are being accepted until February 8, 2019. Indiana Campus Compact has Conference Registration Scholarship funds available that could apply to this conference.


As part of this series, join our own H. Anne Weiss on February 19, 2019 for Integrating Civic Outcomes Across a Major or Program: Curriculum design and mapping for civic learning In this webinar, attendees will focus on identifying, articulating, and mapping civic learning and developmental outcomes for their program of study or major.

The webinar series takes the great and varied work happening on the ground around the country and brings it straight to your desk. Topics touch on issues of relevance to faculty, staff, students, and their partners in education and community building. Be sure to tune in to each session for information, tools, and resources to support and inspire you.

The 2018-2019 webinar series is being offered free of charge, but all attendees must register.


Newman Civic Fellows

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who are changemakers and public problem-solvers at Campus Compact member institutions. Fellows are nominated by their president or chancellor on the basis of their potential for public leadership.

Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides students with training and resources that nurture their assets and passions and help them develop strategies for social change. The yearlong program, named for Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, includes virtual learning opportunities and networking as part of a national network of engaged student leaders and an optional in-person convening.


Indiana Campus Compact, in collaboration with state and regional Compacts from across the Midwest are launching a new collaborative learning community—the Engaged Scholars Initiative (ESI) this summer. ESI is aimed at developing, supporting and connecting leaders from institutions within the states representing Campus Compact of the Midwest, who can advance co-created knowledge, critically engaged pedagogies, models of institutional change, and collaborative action that addresses societal issues. This program will engage approximately 10 faculty and/or community engagement professionals from across the Midwest from May 2019 through August 2020. The nomination period for this first iteration of the Midwest Engaged Scholars Initiative is from January 25th through March 4th. More information is soon.