Special collection of the NI³CE inventory is available to Campus Compact Partner Institutions 

About the Inventory

The NI³CE inventory provides a profile that an institution can use to compare its SLCE programming infrastructure in six categories with other institutions based on benchmarks included in the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

Why Participate?

Campuses that complete the NI³CE will be able to analyze their campus infrastructure supporting community engagement AND will be able to compare campus data with campuses nationally and with similar types of institutions. Campuses are encouraged to utilize the results of NI³CE 2.0 to:

  • Understand the elements of engaged infrastructure. Simply by completing the inventory, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to support engaged work on your campus.
  • To begin strategic action planning for the institution
  • To inform program review & assessment
  • To prepare & apply for the Carnegie Classification
  • Use as a 5-year assessment tool to evaluate institutional infrastructure progress

You do not need any special or specific invitation to complete this inventory exercise. You can access it anytime from this website >> 

Useful information about completing the NI3CE 2.0

First step – download and print the PDF version of the inventory. To get the most out of this inventory, this will most likely need to be a team effort.

  • There is a good chance that one person will not know the answer to every single question asked on the NI3CE inventory which is why we strongly encourage you to download the inventory so that you can then distribute applicable questions to colleagues across you institution.
  • We also strongly suggest you collect information needed from others on your campus well in advance of accessing the actual tool online.
  • Once you have the information collected, it should only take you about an hour to complete the inventory online.
  • After you open the inventory online, you can come back to complete it (picking up right where you left off) if you access it from the same device/computer.
  • The unit of analysis for the NI3CE is your institution.
  •  Your institution may only complete this inventory one time even if your institution parses out aspects of community engagement across multiple centers or initiatives your institution.
  • Each center or initiative that focuses all or some of its work on community engagement will be represented within your inventory because you will answer the same set of questions for each center or initiative and submit it on your institution-wide inventory.

You can learn more about NI3CE here.