Priscilla Barnes, Indiana University, School of Public Health – Brian Douglas Hiltunen faculty award

Dr. Barnes is an Assistant Professor in the IU School of Public Health. She has worked as a teacher and a scholar. She has worked with her students to build mutually beneficial, authentic relationships. She places the highest value on providing students and community partners with the knowledge and the skills required to improve healthcare access and quality. Through her outreach, Dr. Barnes is easily able to engage community members who are minimally trained in research, and make a partnership fun – teaching in an indirect way through her leadership.

She clearly places community engagement at the center of her work as a teacher and a scholar. She is succeeding in building creative and authentic partnerships that enhance student learning opportunities and strengthen local health systems.

In her nomination packet, there were numerous, and moving testimonials, from community partners that testify to the strength of the relationships and the value of the education she is providing.
Dr. Barnes is committed to scholarly research as her CV can attest to, and she is steadfast in devotion to creating a community of scholars committed to community-based research. But, perhaps more importantly, she uses her knowledge to help community organizations conduct their own program assessment.

She fosters genuine community partnerships and engages students in hands-on, skill-oriented, community-based research that will benefit the community for years to come.

Dr. Barnes provides a brilliant example of what is possible when faculty direct their teaching, scholarship, and service toward the public good.