MAKING RIPPLES Student Webinar Series

This FREE monthly webinar series for students from Indiana Campus Compact partner campuses who are devoted to work in and with communities will focus on topics of interest to students across Indiana.

Presentations will focus on topics such as finding funding to support your community-based work, planning Martin Luther King Day of Service and Spring Break Service experiences, telling your story in a meaningful way, and how to highlight your service experiences on your resume. See sessions below.

Join the conversation on the 2nd Tuesday in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April from 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM EST / 3:00 PM – 84:15 PM CST.

Indiana Campus Compact & You – Tuesday, 9/12/2017
Interested in learning more about how Indiana Campus Compact can support your community engagement efforts? Then this session is just the place to start! Join Laura Weaver, director of programs and member development, as she introduces participants to Indiana Campus Compact and the various programs, funding opportunities and services available to students across Indiana. Opportunities for the 2017-2018 academic year will be highlighted and participants will be encouraged to join in the conversation.

Show Me The Money! Finding Funding for Your Community-Based Service Projects – Tuesday, 10/10/2017
This webinar will focus on finding funding for your community service projects (both one-time, on-going, and course-based). It will cover the principles of grant writing and use the Indiana Campus Compact Service Engagement-Student Community Service Grant application as a starting point.

#socialmediaforservice Tuesday 11/14/2017
Twitter. FaceBook. Instagram. These and many other social media apps can be helpful when promoting your service events. This session will discuss the ins and outs of ensuring your event is utilizing them to the fullest. It will also engage participants in conversations on the common pitfalls to using social media and how to implement an effective and appropriate social media policy for your community-based projects.

Planning Meaningful Days of Service – Tuesday, 12/12/2017
This webinar will focus on HOW to plan meaningful days of service ranging from one-day projects connected to events such as Martin Luther King Day of Service, Cesar Chaves Day of Service and Learning, and Global Youth Service Day, to week-long events such as Spring Break experiences—both local and non-local. It will include a discussion on project ideas, logistical concerns, and how and why to incorporate reflection into the experiences.

The Power of Refection – Tuesday, 1/9/2018
You want to make sure those participating in your service project not only have a great time, but also understand the societal concern, community connection, or mission of the organization they are supporting. But how do you ensure this happens??? Reflection is the key! Taking time to plan how participants are going to reflect on their experiences and connect those experiences to action is an important step which can lead to many new “Ah-Ha Moments.” This session will focus on how to help participants make those connections.

Now What Do I Do?? Dealing with the Unexpected – Tuesday, 2/13/2018
So you have spent the last several months working with your community partner to plan the best community-based project. You have more volunteers signed up than you ever could have hoped for. But you get to the service site only to have THIS happen! Now what do you do??? This session will cover some of the most common, yet unexpected things that can go wrong during a community-based project and give you tips on how to deal with them and where to turn for help.

The Job Connection: Including Your Service Experiences on Your Resume – Tuesday, 3/20/2018
Current and past jobs aren’t the only things that are of interest to your future employer, so too are the ways in which you are engaged within your community. This session will discuss how you can incorporate service projects and related experiences on your resume in order to make the biggest impact with potential employers.

Telling the Story through a Unique Lens  – Tuesday, 4/10/2018
How you tell the story of your service experience can be an important one. It can help to shed light on important issues within the community, encourage others to get involved, and it can even connect you with those that can help fund your projects. This session will help you to identify what information from your project to capture, ways you might assess your project outcomes, and avenues for sharing your story.