Indiana Campus Compact Panel of Executive Directors: 25 Years—Looking Back & Reaching Forward

Over the past 25 years, Indiana Campus Compact has had leaders at its helm who are as different as the partner campuses they serve(d). They have much in common, too, including their passion about making the world a better place. Join Robert G. (Bob) Bringle as he sits down with the Executive Directors, past and present, to discuss Indiana Campus Compact’s mission of preparing students to become community advocates, what’s changed in the landscape over the past 25 years, and what role should Indiana Campus Compact play in a complex world.

The panel of Indiana Campus Compact Executive Directors will include:

  • Dena Rae Hancock (Founding Executive Director), 1993-1995
  • Rich Games, 1995-1999
  • Sister Jackie McCracken, 2003-2008
  • Maggie Stevens, 2008-2014
  • J.R. Jamison2014-present

Not available:

  • Pete Young, 1999-2001
  • Angela Plank (Interim Executive Director), 2001-2003