Congress of Senior Leaders in Community Engagement (CSLCE)

The mission of this group is to support leaders who transform our institutions through community engagement.

We do this by providing unparalleled professional development to the senior staff at each of our partner campuses who work with their President or Chancellor to achieve the goals and visions of their campus and community (its people, leaders, organizations, agencies, businesses, etc.).

Supporting Leaders. Together.

We embrace a spirit of collaboration within our organization and throughout the industry of higher education in Indiana and beyond. We partner with industry leaders to provide leadership programs and services, and challenge these institutions to create professional advancement opportunities for faculty, staff, and students on a local, state, and national level.

Indiana’s Congress of Senior Leaders in Community Engagement

The Congress is made up of a small group of leaders from across partner campuses in Indiana. This group is led by a peer, who serves as a “Leadership Fellow” with Indiana Campus Compact. This Fellow receives a stipend of $3,000/year. The Fellow spends a significant amount of time serving as a peer mentor or advisor to the Congress. The Leadership Fellow works closely with the staff of Indiana Campus Compact to shape the thematic work of colleagues who make up the Congress, ensuring that there is a common thread to bind their learning together.

The group gathers to learn from others and compile a set of resources for leading a campus’s community engagement and/or outreach initiatives. These resources will be valuable for not only those leading community engagement in Indiana, but will also serve as a compass to use along the path of others’ leadership development.

The Symposium on Leading Community Engagement.

One of the resources generated by the Congress is a symposium open to anyone leading or aspiring to lead community engagement and/or outreach efforts for their campus. After the symposium, attendees will come away having gained a greater degree of knowledge about leadership such as, management competencies, ethics, communication and negotiation, problem solving, decision making, team building, and much more.

Join us for the symposium in Spring 2021.

More information about the Symposium to come summer of 2020.

The organizers of the symposium pre-select panels and/or individuals who will prepare papers on the subjects surrounding leadership and community engagement in higher education. A diverse group of panels and individual presenters will be selected so that a variety of epistemological views will be represented and, so that it is unlikely concepts will be repeated throughout the day.

In addition to publishing the papers submitted by the panelists, leaders of this event will also publish a comprehensive review of the opinions and any conclusions drawn from the discussions taking place during and after this gathering.

Oversight and Guidance.

The Congress is facilitated by the following individuals: