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Fall 2019 Kick-off Retreat

September 20, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 3:15 pm

Focus on expanding your resources and deepening your toolkits at this FREE professional development event for Indiana Campus Compact Partners! Faculty, staff, students – explore microagressions and microresistance, implicit bias, funding opportunity for community action, “small d” democratic engagement resources, funding opportunity for community action forums, and all that’s new at Indiana Campus Compact. See all the details below.

Retreat Agenda

8:00 – 8:45 Registration
8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 – 9:10


Welcome and Framing the Day
9:10 –  9:50


Keynote Address: Building a Community of Peace

Peace Learning Center has long modeled the benefits of peaceful resolution of conflicts through restorative practices, equity through strength in diversity, and social emotional learning.  Join Director of Programs, Natalie Spriggs, and Director of Community Engagement, Jay Horan, as they share a vision for ensuring that your campuses create a community of learning where students and staff feel heard, valued, and safe.

Deep Dive – cap at 30 Track One – cap at 40 Track Two
10:00 -12:00


Meeting Microaggressions with Microresistance: Ways to Support and Empower Students, Workshop, part one, Cynthia Ganote, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Community Engagement College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. As the diversity of our student populations continues to increase, we must work harder to include all learners by raising our own awareness of microaggressions, preventing them whenever we can, and stopping them when they occur.  In addition, we can practice and encourage our students to practice microresistance. Microresistance techniques allow us to address microaggressions, whether right as they occur or after they occur. In part one of this workshop, this two-part workshop, we will discuss microaggressions and a variety of microresistance techniques. Implicit Bias-Analyzing What’s Hidden Within, Natalie Spriggs, Jay Hornan, Peace Learning Center. Implicit bias is something we all have. This workshop examines what it is, how it differs from overt bias, how to recognize our own, and how we move past bias through action. Join us for a day of self-exploration and self-reflection in a safe, encouraging space.


Enacting Democratic Engagement: How YOU Can Get Involved. Laura Weaver, Director of Programs and Member Development, Indiana Campus Compact, Natalie Furlett, Executive Director, Illinois Campus Compact, and Sinda Nichols, Executive Director, Minnesota Campus Compact. This interactive session will provide information on the various ways to become involved, as well as strategies on how to become engaged. Topics covered include the 2020 Census, electoral engagement and education, organizing a public forum, and how to further integrate this work across your campus and community.
12:00 – 12:50


1:00 – 1:50


Meeting Microaggressions with Microresistance: Ways to Support and Empower Students, Workshop, part two with Dr. Ganote. So that we are more prepared when they occur in our own classrooms, participants will practice the microresitence techniques they’ve learned in a low-stakes, safe environment of the workshop. New! Community Action Forums: Find the Funding and The Inspiration to Hold One in Your Community. Paul G. Wyman Howard County Commissioner and Liza Blomquist, Indiana Campus Compact. Learn about the new Community Action Forum grants which will be released in January 2020. Get inspiration for your forum by learning about the creation of Turning Point in Kokomo, IN and  steps the community and IU Kokomo took to turn a community meeting into a non-profit to meet community-identified needs. What’s New at ICC? H. Anne Weiss, Director of Strategic Measurement and Impact Summer Webb, Director of Grants and Operations, and Laura Weaver, Director of Programs and Member Development. Join the Indiana Campus Compact staff to learn about new programming and funding opportunities available to partner campuses for the next three years. Information will be provided prior to the session so that participants can come prepared to ask questions related to future funding requests.
2:00 – 3:00


What Does Microresistance Look Like? As a shared experience for everyone at the Retreat, and so that we are all more prepared when microaggressions occur in our own classrooms or in a community setting, Dr. Cynthia Ganote and the Deep-Dive workshop participants will present the microresistance techniques they practice as a theater-style experience for the whole group as a plenary session at the end of the day.


Closing remarks


While there are “isms” that connote wonderful qualities – altruism comes to mind, or beautiful art – impressionism is a personal favorite, there are “isms” that are destructive, derisive, and deadly – racism, fanaticism, imperialism, are among a distressingly large list.

At this year’s Fall Kick-off Retreat, we have an exceptional opportunity for our partner campuses to explore “isms” with extraordinary experts in their fields as our guides.

Our PLENARY KEYNOTE ADDRESS is from Natalie Spriggs and Jay Horan, of the Peace Learning Center, who will discuss their individualized programs to help campuses navigate the sometimes choppy waters surrounding “isms” on campus, and who will take questions from the audience about specific instances on your campus and in your community.

This year’s day-long, DEEP-DIVE SESSION will focus on microaggressions and microresistance. In order to ensure deep participation, this track will be capped at 30. Dr. Cynthia Ganote, of the University of Louisville, will provide participants with a three-hour, hands-on workshop on identifying and resisting microagressions on campus and in our lives, including a Theater of the Oppressed type of scene workshop so participants can put what they learned into practice. As a shared experience for everyone at the Retreat, those scenes will then be presented to the whole group as a plenary session at the end of the day.

TRACK ONE will feature our keynote speakers Natalie Spriggs and Jay Horan as they present a special double session on Implicit Bias. Implicit bias is something we all have. This workshop examines what it is, how it differs from overt bias, how to recognize our own, and how we move past bias through action.

Retreat Information

The Retreat is designed to be a chance for faculty, staff, and students, of all levels of involvement in service-learning and community engagement, to hone their skills and leave rejuvenated and ready to work.      

The Retreat is also an opportunity for participants to connect with others from their region and their campus. We will provide a participant list as well as a list of campus liaisons, who are the main connections with Indiana Campus Compact.

Retreat Logistics

This year’s will be held at  Harrison State Park, Garrison Conference Center, 6002 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46216

We will be surrounded by nature in a casual, active space. Please feel free to dress comfortably!

Sleeping rooms are convenient and reasonably priced at the Inn.

* Beginning in 2020, we will no longer be holding the Fall Retreat so that we can use the funding for the new direct-to-campus program Community Action Forums. We chose the agenda for the 2019 Retreat to ensure you get the most out of this last gathering and so you can learn how the Community Action Forums can be a part of true systemic change in your communities.


September 20, 2019
8:00 am - 3:15 pm


Liza Blomquist


Harrison State Park, Garrison Conference Center
Indianapolis, IN 46216 + Google Map
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