The Brian Douglas Hiltunen Award 2017 Nominees


Kwan-Chou Chen, Priscilla Barnes, and Wendy Turner-Frey
  • Priscilla Barnes, Indiana University. Dr. Barnes is an Assistant Professor in the IU School of Public Health. She has worked as a teacher and a scholar. She has worked with her students to build mutually beneficial, authentic relationships. She places the highest value on providing students and community partners with the knowledge and the skills required to improve healthcare access and quality. Through her outreach, Dr. Barnes is easily able to engage community members who are minimally trained in research, and make a partnership fun – teaching in an indirect way through her leadership.
  • Kwan-Chou Chen, Purdue University Northwest. Dr. Chen is the Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Research. He is doing wonderful work in the classroom; students experience active learning both in learning basic concepts and in working with community partners. Non-profit partners in the area gain assistance from a team of highly educated and motivated pre-professionals. Dr. Chen’s vast knowledge of his profession and his dedication to his community have proven to be a great combination for Northwest Indiana.
  • Wendy Turner-Frey, University of Southern Indiana. Dr. Turner-Fry is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Southern Indiana. She developed a long-term relationship with an agency in Jamaica through a local partnership in Indiana. She has made a dozen trips in so many years, during which she has developed, over time, a relationship built on mutual trust. On each trip, she includes both undergraduate and graduate students, all of whom bring skills, compassion, and enthusiasm that continues to build trust and expands the reach of their work. In addition to her global work, she leads her students in service learning in their local community. One student talks about Dr. Turner-Frey’s “unconditional positive regard for her students and humanity” and says, “She has become my biggest role model.”