2017 Community Service Director Award Nominees


Melissa Gruver, Heather Miklozek, and Lisa Christy
  • Lisa Christy, Indiana University School of Medicine. Ms. Christy is the Director of Medical Service-Learning at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. She casts a wide net with her passion for service learning; developing multiple partnerships with community partners and cross-campus collaboration throughout the state. She developed a school-wide definition and implementation of a required service-based curriculum. Ms. Christy believes that, “[An] introduction to local agency resources allows students to understand that health and wellness do not occur in a vacuum, but that there are many factors in their future patient’s life to consider.”
  • Melissa Gruver, Purdue University. Ms. Gruver is the Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement & Leadership Development at Purdue University in West Lafayette. In reading her nomination essay and support letters, one thing was very clear, Mel puts herself out there and goes well beyond what’s expected of her when she’s working with students and the community. It’s evident in her innovative programs, her investment in guiding student reflection, and in her personal professional commitment to service engagement for long-term solutions. She expects a lot, too. She says, “I want to live in a world where people aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to ask (and answer) the big questions together.”
  • Heather Miklozek, Indiana State University.  Ms. Miklozk is the Director of the Center for Community Engagement and the Executive Director for Sycamore Service-Corps at Indiana State University. She focuses her work on social change and started with capacity building at her institution. Heather’s passion for people and using a good, clear strategy is not a combination we see often, but it’s one that works. She not only provides her campus community with ample opportunities for both curricular and co-curricular partnerships and programs, she also has an exceptional record of her own personal professional involvement in the community as well.