Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Beyond Placement and Administration: Community Partners as Co-Educators

Annie Cahill Kelly, Director, Community Partnerships and Service Learning, University of Notre Dame
Community partners play a critical role in service-learning and civic engagement. They orient, place and supervise students and ensure that their service flows from course objectives. They also can play a central role in reflecting with students upon their experiences and integrating their service work with their personal and academic lives. This session addresses the role of community partners in reflecting with students and offers strategies and ideas from community partners.

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Spanish Community-Based Learning (CBL)

From the Center for Social Concerns at the Unversity of Notre Dame - video featuring Spanish Community-Based Learning.

Echoing Green

TRAIN THE TRAINER - Work on Purpose: Create a Career with Impact

This unique train-the-trainer session is led by the staff of Echoing Green, a social venture fund that invests in next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems.  Here, Echoing Green shares what we have learned from some of the world’s most successful changemakers about how Millennials can create successful careers with a social impact.

You will leave this session with methodologies, frameworks, tools, resources, and inspiration to help you support the emerging professionals you work with to launch lives and careers that will make a difference in the world.  All workshop attendees receive a free copy of Echoing Green’s new Work on Purpose Activity Guide, written in partnership with the Transformative Action Institute. The guide features thought-provoking conversation starters and fourteen creative activities designed to help you support emerging professionals as they navigate their purpose paths. 


Marie Sandy

Dr  Marie Sandy websize Walk through the House that Community-Campus Partnerships Built: Considering Benefits and Challenges for Key Stakeholder Groups - Dr. Marie Sandy, Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Community Studies, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

This 3-hour interactive workshop will engage participants in reviewing what we know about community-campus partnerships and service-learning from the perspective of one of our overlooked constituency groups -- community partners.  

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Examining the Meaning of “Transformational” in International Service Learning

Susan Blackwell, Assistant Professor Teacher Education, University of Indianapolis
Theory and Insights  International service-learning experiences for students and faculty often generate deeply felt emotional and intellectual changes.  Students’ worldviews are often altered politically, morally, personally and/or culturally.  Two students’ will share their self-perceptions of their changed worldviews as a result of their participation in an international service-learning course that took them to Belize, Central America.  Participants will also engage in discussion regarding the term “transformational” as it applies to students and faculty traveling to developing countries.

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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.