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Foundational Knowledge for New Professionals

Foundational Knowledge for New Professionals (Suggestions from HE-SL Folks and from UVM’s Leadership & Civic Engagement Staff)


The Unheard Voices Ed. Randy Stoecker and Beth Tryon (multiple recommendations)

Healing the Heart of Democracy Parker Palmer

Shelter: Where Harvard Meets the Homeless Scott Seider

Looking in, Reaching Out: A Reflective Guide for Service-Learning Professionals Campus Compact 2010

Civic Engagement in Higher Education, B. Jacoby and Associates, 2009 (multiple recommendations)

Building Partnerships for Service Learning, B. Jacoby and Associates, 2003

Raise Your Voice: A Student Guide to Making Positive Social Change, Campus Compact 2006

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques, Campus Compact 2001

Benchmarks for Campus/Community Partnerships, Campus Compact 2000

Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire, 2000edition

Leadership for a Better World, Komives & Wagner

Articles & Web Resources

Furco, A. (1997) “Service-learning: What it is and what it is not”

Principles of good practice in combining service and learning

Bell, Horn, & Roxas (2007). “We know it’s service, but what are they learning? Pre-service teachers’ understanding of diversity.

AAHE Series: Service-Learning in the Disciplines (select and browse books & chapters of interest)

At a glance (in Campus Compact’s Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit: readings & Resources for faculty (2e, 2003))

Astin, Sax, & Avalos (199x) “Long Term-Effects…” (In SL Toolkit)

Driscoll et. al (1996) “An assessment model for service-learning” (In SL Toolkit)

Zlotkowski, E. (1996). “A new voice at the table? Linking service-learning and the academy”

AAC&U’s “A Crucible Moment” (

Saltmarsh, J., Hartley, M., & Clayton, P. H. (2009). Democratic Engagement White Paper. Boston, MA: New England Resource Center for Higher Education.

Break Away’s Active Citizen Continuum and Triangle of Quality Community Service (

"Helping, Fixing, Serving" by Rachel Naomi Remen- avl on the web all over the place (but make sure that you use the slightly longer version ~2.5-3 pgs long).

The IARSLCE 2011 Conference Proceedings wiki - - This is more of a resource site to share.  It's a searchable wiki that provides abstracts and reference lists for conference presentations from the 2011 IARSLCE conf. It can be a helpful starting point for someone interested in learning more about various SL/CE topics. A number of graduate students have identified it as a helpful tool for their research and scholarship.

CIRCLE Summer Institute of Civic Studies at Tufts -- which is demanding and wonderful -- and have attached the link to the topics and readings there.  Although their civic theory may be a little too in depth for your grad student, it might give you some ideas.

The Bonner Foundation has amazing resources on their webpage, including lots of training tools. Although the tools are geared to their programs, they’re easily adapted to other programs:

In 2007, the Center for Community Engagement in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor was awarded a three-year grant from the Surdna FoundationThe Next Stage: Boosting Service Learning to New Heights, to expand and formalize training for leaders in community engagement. One component of this funding focused on student leadership as it relates to expanding and sustaining service-learning on CSU campuses. The student leadership component focused on three critical initiatives:

·         Publishing a Student Leadership for Community Engagement “how-to” manual.

·         Awarding competitive mini-grants to four (4) CSU campuses interested in developing new student leadership for community engagement programs.

·         Providing systematic training and support for campuses developing new programs.

While a few CSU campuses already had strong student-training programs, many more wanted to create them. Four campuses provided model programs:

•   CSU Chico: Community Action Volunteers in Education

•   Humboldt State University: Youth Educational Services and Service Learning Interns

•   CSU Los Angeles: Educational Participation in Communities

•   CSU Monterey Bay: Student Leaders for Service Learning

Drawing on these successes, training materials and useful examples were gathered, adapted, and published as Advancing Community Engagement with Student Leaders: A 'How-To Manual from the California State University. Highlights from the manual are provided on our website so you can peruse and see if it is something that may be helpful to your graduate assistant.

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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.