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Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Anchor Institutions Task Force Edition of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement. Download flyer.

This volume of the Journal emerges from the growing need to share experiences, challenges, successes and strategies of anchor institution-community partnerships. As interest in the role and value of anchor institutions for community and economic development continues to grow, so does the need to improve and share our knowledge about what it takes to create and sustain collaborative strategies.

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The International Undergraduate Journal For Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change

Click here to download the Journal for Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change Spring 2013

Submission Information

The Journal only accepts articles from undergraduate students. The Journal considers three types of articles:

  1. Articles that discuss the development of a service-learning project and the impact of the project on the community served;
  2. A case study of a service-learning project;
  3. A reflection on service-learning and the development of personal leadership.

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New Edition of Community Works Journal is Now Online

The new Summer 2011 digital edition of Community Works Journal is now available online. The latest edition features a wide range of articles and essays exploring educational connections to place, service, and sustainable communities. We thank our many contributing educators who continue to generously share their work and experience. Readers will find the new edition available at

The Roots of Activism
We had a student who in his interview told us, to prove he was experienced with travel, that he had been to Iowa for two weeks. Two months later, that student who had been elaborating on how difficult it had been to be in Iowa was in a shanty town in Mexico beating a poisonous snake to death with a hoe. As an instructor, this was about pulling back the veil for our students, many of whom had never traveled or thought about the international community. read more

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Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

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Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

Volume 15 (4) of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement has been published, and is available online at

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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.