Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Director: The Bentley Service-Learning Center

Director: The Bentley Service-Learning Center

The Director of the Bentley Service-Learning Center oversees a program that annually involves approximately 1,200 undergraduate students in community-based learning opportunities. The position demands skill and flexibility in balancing the needs and interests of several distinct constituencies, including students, faculty members, Center staff, community partners, and the University administration. The Director reports directly to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Over the past decade, the BSLC has achieved a high degree of organizational coherence and competency which should be supported and sustained by the new Director.

Bentley is a Business University. The BSLC works to link the University and its communities through academically challenging projects and skill-intensive partnerships. Increasing the participation of faculty members across the curriculum is essential to this endeavor, both in Arts and Sciences and in Business. The new Director must have a deep understanding of faculty culture and priorities, and be able to engage with faculty as a peer. Experience in linking community and civic engagement to concepts and contexts characteristic of business education is desirable, but an interest in developing and exploring this link is necessary. Ideally, the new Director will be a thought-leader, advancing the national conversation about a new civic-business dialogue.

Candidates for this position should possess a demonstrated ability to work closely and productively with student leaders since student leadership has long been a hallmark of the BSLC. He/She should be able to lead and inspire student leaders but also to respect them as colleagues, allowing them the space and the agency to set priorities and manage individual University-community projects and partnerships.

The new Director should bring a strong voice to institutional discussions and forums--articulating the value of community-based work to Bentley's mission as well as advocating for institutional and external resources. The Director will work closely with University Advancement to secure funds from a variety of sources, including foundations and private donors.

The Director should be proactive in recognizing and developing new opportunities for BSLC work. It is expected that new projects would include: community-based research, collaborations with local and regional NGOs, projects that specifically draw on pre-professional skills and disciplinary knowledge, including an increased focus on the development of international service-learning projects and social entrepreneurship.

The BSLC has a national reputation for strong and distinctive projects and programs, a reputation that has been enhanced by its participation in national and international initiatives, as well as by published research. We are looking for a leader with a national and international vision for the Center.

A terminal degree is required, but the University welcomes applicants from various stages in their academic career. It will consider transferring tenure for tenured applicants. For all applicants, the position carries a salary equivalent to that of an associate or full professor in the Arts and Sciences. In exceptional cases, the University may consider a non-tenured individual eventually eligible for tenure depending upon the quality of his/her scholarly credentials.

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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.