Tuesday, August 04, 2015

ePortfolios and Digital Storytelling

What's new and exciting in Service Engagement?  ePortfolios and Digital Storytelling

From the Center for Service and Learning Newsletter:
There are many ways to assist students in making meaning of their experiences through reflection; this Fall semester, CSL piloted the innovative strategy of Digital Storytelling. Digital Stories are “short videos that employ images (still and/or motion) and sounds (spoken words and music) in a multilayered, economical narrative, the goal of which is to capture the essence of an experience. Many blogs are digital stories, and so are some tweets, but when using capital case, it refers to both a kind of video story as well as the methodology used to produce them” (Reilly, D).   Read entire article

  • ePortfolios & Service Engagement: A Perfect Marriage.  According to the Lumina Degree Qualifications Profile, civic learning is important on every type of college campus.
  • The Power of Digital Storytelling as an Emerging Strategy in Service Learning.Digital storytelling is a creative way to integrate technology and learning in any discipline.
Learn more at the Indiana Campus Compact Service Engagement Summit when Kristin Norris, IUPUI Center for Service & Learning Instructional Technology Specialist talks about ePortfolios and Digital Storytelling
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