Thursday, July 30, 2015

What can ICC grants do for your campus?

Indiana University Kokomo will partner with area teachers to enhance science education, while also providing more opportunities for future teachers to build their skills.

The School of Education received a $2,250 Scholarship of Engagement faculty grant from the Indiana Campus Compact to fund its science inquiry fellows project. The project includes a one-day workshop to prepare teachers in grades 5-12 to lead scientific inquiry projects.

Julie Saam, assistant dean for the School of Education, said the project benefits current teachers by offering assistance getting started teaching through scientific inquiry. It also gives future teachers a chance to work with students and hone their skills.


A $5,000 Sponsored Research for Service Engagement grant from ICC will support an "Assessment of Immersion Service-Learning" project which Franklin College will use to examine the internal and external impact of its Leadership in the Inner-City Missions Winter Term course. The college has offered the month-long course since 1996. Students receive approximately one week of classroom instruction in which they focus on homelessness issues, and then the students spend the final three weeks of the course working in homeless shelters in Indianapolis. For a four-day span, the students also reside at the shelters.

Franklin College service-learning coordinator Doug Grant explained how the ICC assessment grant will be implemented, "Through round-table discussions, one-on-one interviews, surveys and potentially additional methods, we plan to contact as many individuals who have taken the course as possible. We hope to discover exactly what type of impact the course had on their lives by learning about their current philanthropic work, career paths, etc."

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Dr. Dominic A. Micer, assistant professor of English, has earned an Indiana Campus Compact Scholarship of Engagement Grant for the Spring 2012 semester. The grant allows Micer and the students in his Technical Writing class to partner with the PNC Office of Learning and Technology (OLT) to develop technical documentation packages for new instructional technology software applications utilized by the OLT. 

OLT provides access and support for technology teaching tools, consulting for instructional design and redesign and improving the quality of online and hybrid courses at PNC. Sophisticated technology allows for OLT services to be utilized across the University and into the community.

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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.