Saturday, August 01, 2015

VCC and UVM Class Put a Spotlight on Service-Learning Faculty in Vermont

Vermont Campus Compact recently partnered with University of Vermont’s “Strategic Writing for Public Communications” service-learning class taught by Joyce Hendley.  The goal of this partnership was to raise public awareness to community-based teaching, learning, and research and also to tell the stories of faculty from VCC member campuses who are engaged in this type of teaching and research.  VCC’s Executive Director, Cheryl Whitney Lower, noted, “This was a win-win situation.  The students were able to apply their writing skills to a real-world project, and VCC was able to highlight the extraordinary work of faculty from around the state.”

Here are some of the creative ways that faculty at Vermont Campus Compact institutions are integrating service-learning or community-based learning into their classrooms in order to enhance their students’ education and make a positive impact on communities.

  • David Anderegg of Bennington College and his psychology students researched, analyzed, and developed recommendations for a local museum on how to make cultural pursuits more appealing to youth.  Click here to read entire profile.
  • Terry Bergen of Castleton State College has his Applied Behavior Analysis students apply the skills of social scientists to develop programs for local schools on topics from cyber bullying to obesity awareness and prevention. Click here to read entire profile.
  • Vince Bolduc of Saint Michael’s College consistently engages his Research Methods class in major surveys for non-profit organizations that need survey data in order to enhance their work. Clirck here to read entire profile.
  • Elizabeth Dolci of Johnson State College and her biology students conduct investigative research on the health of aquatic microbial communities in the Lamoille River Watershed. Click here to read entire profile.
  • Christie Herbert of Landmark College engages her Education students as mentors for local middle school students with learning differences -- relationships that benefit both the mentees and mentors. Click here to read entire profile.
  • Miriam Horne of Champlain College teaches social justice concepts in her Human Rights and Responsibilities course and then travels with her students to serve in impoverished areas of Nicaragua.Click here to read entire profile.
  • Nadia Horning of Middlebury College and students in her African Government Senior Seminar partner with and provide services to the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV) and The Sudan Development Foundation (SUDEF).Click here to read entire profile.
  • Pamela Monder of The Community College of Vermont partners her students from a wide range of classes with community organizations such as Pure Water for the World, the Red Cross, local elementary schools, and local women's shelters. Click here to read entire profile.
  • Jacob Park of Green Mountain College designed and developed a service-learning project for students in his Sustainable Development class to examine local food production and local food security concerns in Rutland County.Click here to read entire profile.
  • Shelly Rayback of The University of Vermont and her students used dendrochronological techniques to conduct field research for the Vermont Nature Conservancy in order to determine the age and historical events affecting a forest stand in Shelburne.Click here to read entire profile.
  • Thomas Redden of Southern Vermont College engages students in his first year seminar class with community organizations such as The Vermont Veterans Home and Bennington Project Independence and then ties reflection of these learning opportunities to theoretical concepts. Click here to read entire profile.
  • Patricia Shine of Lyndon State College partners with local human services organizations to help students in her Macro Perspectives in Human Services class make connections between real-life social issues and the theories presented in their readings. Click here to read entire profile.
  • John Zaber of Sterling College connects students in his classes with migrant farm workers and incarcerated individuals in the Northeast Kingdom to promote increased cultural understanding between populations that may not otherwise interact.  Click here to read entire profile.


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Indiana Campus Compact is grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for significant funding in support of programs, training,and resources for our member campuses that allow them to deepen their commitment to community engagement and service-learning.