Globalizing Indiana

Community Conversation: Global Indiana: Expanding Borders and Increasing Diversity

Annagul Yaryyeva and Jennifer Sdunzik, PhD Candidates/American Studies, Purdue University

The presence of transnational corporations, industries, and educational institutions as well as the growing international and immigrant communities and communities of color in Indiana represent this state as a truly vibrant and global space. Despite such economic and sociocultural diversity, Indiana is still largely imagined as an unwelcoming, ethnically and racially homogeneous state hostile to globalization and multiculturalism.

This session, facilitated by international graduate students and students of color, aims to intervene in such a discourse. By creating a community and mutual-learning dialogue with the audience, we seek to address the ways in which their campus and community work help turn Indiana into an environment where people of diverse backgrounds not only feel welcomed but also hone their sense of social value and belonging.

More specifically, the discussion with the audience will be based on the following questions:

  1. What makes Indiana a global state from the perspectives of professionals and educators?
  2. Should Indiana be a global state? [Should global mindsets be a framework we use to address social inequalities in Indiana ?]
  3. How does our work as campus, community educators, and leaders help foster Indiana as a space of acceptance, appreciation, and love for diversity?
  4. What challenges and barriers do we face in our work as professionals and educators devoted to making Indiana a home for diversity?
  5. What mechanisms and policies do we need to develop to make our work more efficient, impactful, and transformational? 6. How does our work enrich our own lives and our sense of belonging as members of Indiana society and as global citizens?