Sunday, August 02, 2015

Annie Cahill Kelly croppedAnnie Cahill Kelly, University of Notre Dame - Community Service Director Award

Annie works as the Director of Community Partnerships at the Center for Social Concerns on Notre Dame's campus. As her title suggests, she works with students, faculty, and community partners to facilitate a collaboration between campus and community. What may not be obvious from her title, is the depth of understanding she brings to her work or the joy she takes from the fact that her work is all about people and connecting them to each other with respect and goodwill. The honest, reciprocal connections she facilitates bring about a true learning experience for students and community partners who both benefit from each other's passion and knowledge.

Annie says "Successful partnerships that honor all members thrive on meeting both the learning goals and objectives of the students as well as the needs and interests of the community partner. It is simultaneously humbling and enthralling to witness the transformative effects of partnerships that arise from honest conversations regarding individual interests that then become mutual interests." One of the programs Annie has implemented in her 13 years with the Center is the Community-Based Learning Coordinator (CBLC) model which trains agency partners to be part of students' education and to ensure reciprocity in the partnership.

One of the CBL Coordinators, Michelle Peters, Director of Outreach Services, Saint Joseph Medical Centers, has this to say about Annie, "She is kind, intelligent, patient, and a joy to work with. She does a great job of lifting us up and knowing what our strengths are while allowing us to flourish."

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